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favorites Crowdsourcing ISTE: A Dynamic Model for Collaboration Inside and Outside the Classroom B202

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Monday, June 29, 8:30–9:30 am
PCC 126A
favoritesTzvi PittinskyfavoritesSue Waters

During ISTE 2014, hundreds participated in a global initiative to share notes for those #NotAtISTE. Discover how to leverage this model for your own classroom using tools like Evernote and Google Drive to help students write for a public audience and become more thoughtful, thorough, careful and collaborative note-takers.

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Skill level: Intermediate
Device requirements: Participant devices required
Applicable device(s): Laptop, Chromebook, Tablet
Applicable platform(s): Mac, Android, Chrome OS, iOS, Windows
Preparation details: Evernote, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Spreadsheet
Focus: Digital Age Teaching & Learning
Topic: Communication and Collaboration
Grade level: 6-12
ISTE Standards: Students : Communication and Collaboration
Students : Research and Information Fluency
Students : Digital Citizenship
Common Core State Standards: English : Writing (6-12)
English : Speaking and Listening (K-5)
English : Speaking and Listening (6-12)
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Ways to Use Crowdsourcing in the Classroom Presentation. Add your own slides.

Crowdsourced notes for ISTE15. Work in progress.

Ways To Use Crowd Sourcing In The Classroom

Crowdsourcing in the Classroom website

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favorites Tzvi Pittinsky, The Frisch School

Rabbi Tzvi Pittinsky is the Director of Educational Technology at the Frisch School, a private high school in Paramus, NJ. In this capacity, he works with the faculty to integrate technology into every aspect of teaching and learning at Frisch. He is also a professor for MOFET's International Online Academy, an active blogger on topics related to the intersection of technology and education, and an avid user of social media. You can read his blog at: and follow him on Twitter @techrav.

favorites Sue Waters,

Sue Waters is the support manager for Edublogs and CampusPress. She works closely with educators and their students to assist them to integrate technology. You can read her blog here: and follow her on Twitter @suewaters.