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Group incentive program

Bring your team and learn together. ISTE 2015 offers an incredible networking experience and hundreds of professional development opportunities for your entire team. If your school or district brings 10 or more individuals, you can take advantage of our group incentive program, which includes discounts and a chance to earn free registrations.

Program benefits

Bring 10 or more attendees and get the super early bird rate through the opening day of the conference.

  • Current ISTE member (valid through July 1): $277
  • Nonmember: $392 (includes one-year standard ISTE membership)

The more team members you bring, the more free registrations you accrue. Bring 50 people to earn one complimentary registration. After that, earn one registration for every additional 25 in your group. Both ISTE members and nonmembers are eligible for this offer.

How it works

  • Assign a group leader and have that person create an account using the group registration form.
  • The group leader will receive a custom registration link to distribute to all group members.
  • Individuals in the group use the link to register and receive the group rate.
  • Alternatively, group leaders may also register their team members.
  • When at least 10 members are registered, any attendee that has paid a higher rate will be refunded the difference between the rate at which they registered and the group rate.
  • Complimentary registrations will begin accumulating after the group size reaches 50. After that, the group will earn one free registration for every 25 signups. A custom registration link will be automatically added to the group account at this point, and the group leader may distribute to whomever they like.
  • After May 1, team members can continue to register with the group at the super early bird rate, but free registrations will no longer accumulate.
  • Individual group members can pay for their own registrations or all registrations can be combined on one invoice.

New in 2015

To help group leaders manage registration, you can now:

  • Host and manage multiple groups.
  • Select how you want to invoice the registrations.
  • Set a maximum number of registrations for your group to help manage your budget.
  • Register group members yourself. Both group leaders and the registered attendee receive a confirmation in this instance.
  • Print your invoice.


  • Your group must be a school, school district, university or nonprofit.
  • Your group must provide a federal ID number for verification of the above status.
  • A maximum of 200 in one group is allowed to register via the website. If you wish to register a group larger than this, please contact us.
  • Offer cannot be combined with any other discount or incentive offers.