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Presentation tips

Avoid moving around too much.
It can distract the audience if you use wild hand gestures, bob and weave or have your back to the audience.

Practice, practice, practice
Give yourself plenty of time to rehearse to avoid filler words like “hem,” “uh,” “like.” With practice, you’ll smooth out rough edges and improve cadence.

Wear clothing that is comfortable and that does not clash with the backdrop of the stage.
This will ensure you show up well for the audience and the camera. Avoid clothing with small patterns (checkers, herringbone) as this tends to create the effect of moving patterns on camera.

Avoid bling.
The lights and mics pick up sound from dangly jewelry.

Speak up.
Speak clearly and slower than you would in conversation.

Design slides that are visually interesting and tell a story.
Avoid bullet points, lots of text, animations and distracting backgrounds. Use visuals to make an impact and use your spoken words to tell the story.

Are you presenting for ISTE Ignite?
Watch as many online Ignite videos as possible. This helps you become familiar with the format and can give you ideas for how to present your content succinctly and completely. There is a rhythm to Ignite talks and if you haven’t seen one live, the recordings will help you understand the pace.

4 helpful pages for Ignite speakers