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Behind-the-Scenes Experience @ the ISTE 2016 Opening Keynote (SE104)

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Sunday, June 26, 5:45–7:15 pm
CCC Four Seasons Ballroom

favoritesMichio Kaku  favoritesDr. Dr. Mila Thomas Fuller  
Join us in our keynote satellite location for behind-the-scenes access, exclusive content and audience interactivity in a more intimate setting. Before the keynote broadcast begins, host and ISTE Board of Directors chair-elect Mila Thomas Fuller will take you on a virtual backstage tour where you can see the technology that powers an ISTE keynote and say hello to our hosts and speakers. After the keynote presentation, Michio Kaku will join you in person for a special Q&A and book signing.

Additional detail: Session will be simulcast live


favorites Michio Kaku

Michio Kaku, Ph.D., is a futurist and theoretical physicist who has popularized science for all audiences. The Ivy League scholar’s presentations include fascinating subjects like the science of dreams (how our prefrontal cortexes disengage, which suppresses the fact-checking component of our consciousness), what makes a super genius, the evolution of intelligence, and the two greatest scientific mysteries. He blogs regularly at Dr. Kaku’s Universe, sharing his thoughts on everything from storing the human soul on a disk to why Hollywood needs to make better aliens. Kaku has written multiple New York Times best sellers, including his latest, The Future of the Mind (2014), in which he illustrates stunning breakthroughs in neuroscience and how they are unraveling the mysteries of the human brain. He has hosted several TV specials for the BBC, the Discovery Channel, the History Channel and the Science Channel. Kaku was also one of the subjects of the award-winning documentary, “Me & Isaac Newton.” He hosts the weekly one-hour radio program “Explorations,” produced by the Pacifica Foundation's WBAI in New York. In April 2006, Kaku began broadcasting “Science Fantastic,” which is syndicated by Talk Radio Network and remains the only nationally syndicated science radio program. Some may recognize him from his recent appearance in Turbo Tax commercials.

favorites Dr. Dr. Mila Thomas Fuller, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Dr. Fuller is an educational consultant and adjunct professor. She teaches in the master of education instructional technology program at the University of Maryland at University College and in the doctor of education degree program for Johns Hopkins University. Fuller’s research interests include the impact of digital graphic organizers on the persuasive writing process, the impact of school administrator support on the integration of technology into schools, and relationships between community and student success in online learning. Dr. Fuller is a recipient of the 2008 ISTE Making IT Happen Award and is the ISTE Board Chair-elect.