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CTN Playground: Computational Thinking and Computer Science

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Sunday, June 26, 12:30–4:00 pm
CCC Main Concourse E, Playground C

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Come and experience interactive exhibits including student projects that embrace computer science and computational thinking at all levels. You'll find new computer science materials from (both K-5 and CS Principles), robotics at all levels and student project presentations from both formal and informal educational environments.

Skill level: Beginner
Attendee devices: Devices not needed
Focus: Digital age teaching & learning
Topic: Programming and robotics
Grade level: PK-12
Subject area: Computer science
ISTE Standards: Students : Critical thinking, problem solving and decision making
Teachers : Facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity
Students : Creativity and innovation
Additional detail: ISTE Professional Learning Network pick

Proposal summary

Purpose & objective

The CTN Playground is focused around ideas, issues and practical examples which support our mission of teaching and learning about computing. We want all exhibits to identify aspects of Computational Thinking they support and be primarily staffed by students if at all possible. Areas included are computer science and information technology areas. From a degree, program or career perspective, this would include the ACM Curriculum areas of Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Technology, Information Systems and Computer Engineering.

Our members come from a very diverse educational component – many are teachers in the classroom, but we also have teacher educators, media specialists, some in education services (such as consultants or providers of outside content). Our membership draws from many of the nearly 30 Professional Learning Networks (PLN). Our members are looking for ways to to encourage the creative use the technology including its modification and adaptation, by students solving interesting, relevant and new problems in the classroom. In this way we meet our mission of teaching and learning about computing.

As indicated earlier, for ISTE 2015 our Playground will again focus on Computational Thinking (CT). The knowledge, skills, dispositions and vocabulary are defined and exemplified in three documents from ISTE's Computational Thinking page of resources.
Operational Definition of CT (includes knowledge, skills and dispositions)
Concepts/Vocabulary and Progression Chart
Concepts/Vocabulary and Discipline Chart


Over the 3 hour period, we intend to have at least 6 active exhibits at tables set up by ISTE with LED display panels; we intend to have at least 2 active display areas with very large LED display panels for somewhat larger groups; we also intend to have a number of robotics programs represented including those of USFIRST (FRC, FTC, FLL, FLLjr) and VEX robotics (High School and Middle School). All of these exhibits will either be run by or include engagement by students at potentially all grade levels. This is the 7th year we have run this successful event and engaged a large number of ISTE attendees with computational thinking and computer science.

Supporting research

There are a huge number of available resources which support what this playground purports to do. For example, reading through the 8 volumes of CTN Newsletters will provide a very rich experience for anyone interested in reviewing articles, websites and other resources that have become available in just the number of years we have run this playground. and



favorites Josh Alvarez, Aurora Public Schools

favorites Calab Balatbat, Aurora Public Schools

favorites Asher Blumberg, FLL Jr Team

favorites Piera Blumberg, FLL Jr Team

favorites Kaushik Bosu's, FTC Team

favorites Oliver Bridgford, Aurora Public Schools

favorites Tanya Choursia, FTC Team

favorites Vaibhav Choursia, FTC Team

favorites Ruben Constante, Aurora Public Schools

favorites Isaiah Cordova, Aurora Public Schools

favorites Nyah Cubbison, FLL Team

favorites Ismael Dominguez, SVVSD/Flagstaff

favorites Madeline Francis,

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favorites Emma Francis,

favorites Miles Gregg, FTC Team

favorites Spencer Gregg, FTC Team

favorites Devin Hanjani, Boys & Girls Clubs

favorites Quentin Hanjani, Boys & Girls Clubs

favorites Alexis Heine, Aurora Public Schools

favorites Emi Hitson, FLL Jr Team

favorites Serena Jefferson, Aurora Public Schools

favorites Lee Kanayama, Aurora Public Schools

favorites Pakriti KC, SVVSD/Flagstaff

favorites Keegan Kennedy, Boys & Girls Clubs

favorites Eric Kim, FLL Jr Team

favorites Joseph Kmoch, Milwaukee Public Schools

favorites Kristin Kraybill-Voth, FRC Team 1410

favorites Ava Kurowski, SVVSD/Flagstaff

favorites Malec Leinberger, Boys & Girls Clubs

favorites Sierra Leinberger, Boys & Girls Clubs

favorites Veronica Lennert, FRC Team 3729

favorites Grace Marchand, FRC Team 3729

favorites Scott Marin, FRC Team 3729

favorites Karen North, Texas Computer Education Association

favorites Joe Peavy, FLL Team

favorites Max Pecherzewski, SVVSD/Flagstaff

favorites Dora Pecherzewski, SVVSD/Flagstaff

favorites Wolf Perry, FRC Team 1410

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favorites Sonia Santos, FRC Team 1410

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favorites Renee Tracy, Aurora Public Schools

favorites Andy Tran, Aurora Public Schools

favorites Vivian Tran, FLL Team

favorites Skai Trujillo, Aurora Public Schools

favorites Mia Weber, SVVSD/Flagstaff

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favorites Brendan Yamanaka, Aurora Public Schools