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Coaching for Education Transformation

[Listen and learn : Panel]

Monday, June 27, 4:15–5:15 pm
CCC 502

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Instructional technology coaching provides meaningful professional learning with just-in-time and relevant support. You'll learn about the challenges and successes of effective coaching.

Skill level: Beginner
Attendee devices: Devices not needed
Participant accounts, software and other materials: None
Focus: Professional learning
Topic: Best practice and models for coaching
ISTE Standards: Coaches : Content knowledge and professional growth
Coaches : Professional development and program evaluation
Coaches : Visionary leadership
Additional detail: Session recorded for video-on-demand, Session will be simulcast live, ISTE Professional Learning Network pick

Digital tote resources

Proposal summary

Purpose & objective

Participants will understand:
That coaching increases the impact on highly effective digital age teaching and learning.
The value of coaching to develop capacity of teachers to reach independent use of digital-age tools.
The challenges of a successful coaching program: funding sources, time, developing coaches and working with teachers reluctant to change.
The need for administrative support for coaches.
How coaching can increase improvement of learner’s preparation of 21st Century skills.
Participants will learn:
About different models of coaching to impact highly effective digital age teaching and learning.
How coaching can support digital age teaching and academic standards.
The roles a coach takes to make transformation and how are they effective.


I.) Content -
How does effective coaching transform education?
How do the roles of coaches impact highly effective digital age teaching & learning?
How do coaches facilitate reflective practices of educators?
II.) Time -
10 min introduction of panelists and
10-15 min per question with a total of 4 questions- panel and participant discussion
10 minute closure
III.) Process
Panelists will engage with participants in a thought-provoking discussion about effective coaching challenges and successes. The attendees will use the back channel to partake in a participatory culture. Back channel ponderings, questions, and connections will be added to the panel discussion. A facilitator will guide the conversation with key content questions and ensure basic time structure is met.

Supporting research

ISTE’s NETS for Coaches
ISTE’s Coaching white paper
ISTE’s Coaching Ning
ISTE’s Essential Conditions
Learning Forward standards for Professional Development
Peer Ed Research
Center for Cognitive Coaching



favorites Les Foltos, Peer-Ed

favorites Mary Knight, Flagstaff Unified School District

favorites Kim LeClaire, Poudre School District

Kim McMonagle, ISTE 2016 Regional Chairperson supports leaders, educators and learners with innovative digital age learning experiences. Join Kim on 6/27 Coaching for Education Transformation 4:15 session; 6/28 The Kids are All Right! 12:30 session and on 6/29 Innovative Education Playground Concourse E

favorites Amy Jo Phillips, Prince William County Public Schools

favorites Christine Terry, eMINTS National Center

favorites Sheryl Wells, Killip Elementary School

Sheryl Wells is a technology integration coach at W.F. Killip Elementary School in Flagstaff, Arizona. After school you can find her teaching a coding club enrichment program for K-2 students. She spent 19 years of her career in the classroom teaching first and second grade. She has facilitated technology professional development for teachers in her district in many areas. She is a National Board Certified Teacher in Early Childhood who recently earned a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology.