Computer Teachers Network Playground: CS, Computational Thinking and Robotics

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Sunday, June 25, 12:30–4:00 pm
Location: Room Park View Lobby

Shylah Abbott   Damiam Abbott   Darian Abbott   Nelly Aboytes   Caleb Alva   Akshara Anand   Robyn Andrews   Moses Arocha   Erika Ayala   Bryana Ayala   Xander Ayala   Silvia Camara   Paulina Camara   Enrique Cardenas   Mia Cardenas   Cindy Carrion   Grace Christian   Lucia Cicconi   Alexa Cortez   Megha Dania   Roberto Delgado   Taylor DeSalme   Garren Dockery   Daniel Forestier   Jacob Garcia   Hilaire Garza   Nicolas Guerrero   Diego Guerrero   Lily Hadly   Hannah Hardee   Madeline Hickman   Hanna Hughes   Will Jamison   Alicia Johnson   Travis Jorgensen   Ashley Kitzerow   Joseph Kmoch   Elexus Liggins   Adrianna Lopez Cajigas   Maximo Martinez   Jessica Martinez   Linnea May   Mateo Morales   Michael Moylan   Emmanuel Murokozi   Lelia Muzquiz   Inchara Nelogal   Karen North   Olivia Ornelas   Joyce Palmer   Eleanor Palmer   Luca Papareillo   Owen Rasar   Abigail Ritchie   Elizabeth Rodriguez   Samantha Scharf   Julia Singer   Zane Sinno   Sarah Sotelo   Matthew Soudah   Sidharth Srinivasan   Rohit Srinivasan   Taylor Tisdell   Caitlin Urbina   Tomsen Vickery   Michael Villano   Adrian Villarreal   Kassidee Webb   Kyra White   Bailey Williams   Nicholas Williams   Noah Woinicki   Chris Wyatt  
Learn about student projects that embrace computer science and computational thinking at all levels and experience activities for both formal and informal educational environments.

Skill level: Beginner
Attendee devices: Devices useful
Attendee device specification: Laptop: PC, Chromebook, Mac
Tablet: Android, iOS
Focus: Digital age teaching & learning
Topic: Programming and robotics
Grade level: PK-12
Subject area: Computer science
ISTE Standards: Students : Empowered learner
Students : Computational thinker
Students : Knowledge constructor
Related exhibitors: Terrapin

Proposal summary

Purpose & objective

The primary purpose is to provide a large number of interactive booths which exemplify some or all of the characteristics of Computational Thinking as defined by ISTE/CSTA and as included in the ISTE Standards for Students. Evidence of our success are the literally throngs of people we had at our double-sized area last year in Denver and that ran out of their bracelet templates for building binary bracelets (they had, they said) several thousand).


As we have had for the past half dozen years, we will again have about 10 very interactive exhibits available (about 20+ if we get a double area again) which will be available for the duration of the Playground (usually 3.5 hours). Many are led by students anywhere from about grade 3-16.

Supporting research

There have been numerous articles published on the efficacy of CT throughout the curriculum and they are fully embedded in the new ISTE Studend Standards, both as an specific item and sprinkled throughout the Standards (knowledge, skills, dispositions)



Shylah Abbott, Youth Code Jam

Damiam Abbott, Youth Code Jam

Darian Abbott, Youth Code Jam

Nelly Aboytes, Cyberpatriot

Caleb Alva, Cyberpatriot

Akshara Anand, NCWIT

Robyn Andrews, Micro:bits

Moses Arocha, Cyberpatriot

Erika Ayala, Youth Code Jam

Bryana Ayala, Youth Code Jam

Xander Ayala, Youth Code Jam

Silvia Camara, NCWIT

Paulina Camara, NCWIT

Enrique Cardenas,; Youth Code Camp

Mia Cardenas, Youth Code Jam

Cindy Carrion, First Tech Challenge

Grace Christian, Youth Code Jam

Lucia Cicconi,

Alexa Cortez, First Tech Challenge

Megha Dania, NCWIT

Roberto Delgado, Cyberpatriot

Taylor DeSalme, First Tech Challenge

Garren Dockery, Cyperpatriot

Daniel Forestier, Cyberpatriot

Jacob Garcia,

Hilaire Garza, First Tech Challenge

Nicolas Guerrero,

Diego Guerrero,

Lily Hadly,

Hannah Hardee, Cyberpatriot

Madeline Hickman, Cyberpatriot

Hanna Hughes, Cyberpatriot

Will Jamison, Cyberpatriot

Alicia Johnson, Youth Code Jam

Travis Jorgensen,

Ashley Kitzerow, No Fear Coding

Joseph Kmoch, Milwaukee Public Schools

Elexus Liggins, NCWIT

Adrianna Lopez Cajigas, NCWIT

Maximo Martinez,

Jessica Martinez, First Tech Challenge

Linnea May, NCWIT

Mateo Morales, Cyberpatriot

Michael Moylan,

Emmanuel Murokozi, Cyberpatriot

Lelia Muzquiz, Cyerpatriot

Inchara Nelogal, NCWIT

Karen North, Texas Computer Education Association

Olivia Ornelas, NCWIT

Joyce Palmer, First Tech Challenge

Eleanor Palmer, First Tech Challenge

Luca Papareillo,

Owen Rasar, Agent Sheets

Abigail Ritchie,

Elizabeth Rodriguez, Youth Code Jam

Samantha Scharf, First Tech Challenge

Julia Singer, NCWIT

Zane Sinno, Micro:bits

Sarah Sotelo, First Tech Challenge

Matthew Soudah, Cyberpatriot

Sidharth Srinivasan, Micro:bits

Rohit Srinivasan, Micro:bits

Taylor Tisdell, Cyberpatriot

Caitlin Urbina, Cyberpatriot

Tomsen Vickery, Droneblocks

Michael Villano,

Adrian Villarreal,

Kassidee Webb,

Kyra White, First Tech Challenge

Bailey Williams, No Fear Coding

Nicholas Williams, Cyberpatriot

Noah Woinicki, Cyberpatriot

Chris Wyatt, Cyberpatriot

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San Antonio

June 25-28, 2017

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