Mobile Learning Network Mobile MegaShare Pre-Conference

Location: Room Stars Ballroom 4

Engage and connect

[Engage and connect : Meeting]

Saturday, June 24, 2:00–6:00 pm
Location: Room Stars Ballroom 4

Dr. Dana Atwood-Blaine   Joanna Bersin   Shane Cox   Claire Cucchi   Kevin Elgan   Dr. Lucretia Fraga   Kathleen Fritz   Tom Heck   Jane Ji   Dr. Mark Jones   Asaph Kim   Kam R. Koyama   Dr. Tom Lauwers   Jessica Lightle   Kaylyn McCabe   Giorgia Migliaresi   Dr. Roger Minier   Alexander Newberry   Kae Novak   Rachelle Dene Poth   Kristy Sevy   Ami Shah   Josh Stevens   Gregg Stone   Dr. Amanda Sullivan   Christie Veitch   David Weiss   Susan Wells   Kira Westbroek  
MLN’s Annual Mobile MegaShare provides an opportunity for educator collaboration from across the globe for a free pre-conference event June 24th from 2-6 pm. MegaShare is a share and learn forum with experts facilitating collaborative 45 minute sessions with short breaks for networking, connecting, sharing and discussing.

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Dr. Dana Atwood-Blaine, University of Northern Iowa

Joanna Bersin, Kano

Shane Cox, PEEQ

Claire Cucchi,

Kevin Elgan, Piper

Dr. Lucretia Fraga, The University of the Incarnate Word

Kathleen Fritz, CREATOMbuilder, Inc

Tom Heck, Makey Makey

Tom Heck is the VP for Education Initiatives at Makey Makey. He travels throughout the US helping educators learn how to incorporate Making, Invention Literacy, and Design Thinking in K12 classrooms. A former classroom teacher and afterschool professional, Tom has authored articles for MAKE Magazine and spoken at TEDx conferences.

Jane Ji, Springbay Studio Ltd.

Dr. Mark Jones, East Central University

Asaph Kim, Kamibot

Kam R. Koyama, Hardin Middle School

Dr. Tom Lauwers, BirdBrain Technologies LLC

Jessica Lightle, McAlester Public Schools

Kaylyn McCabe, Copernicus

Giorgia Migliaresi, Primo Toys

Dr. Roger Minier, NWOET EdTech Agency

Alexander Newberry, Numberella LLC

Alexander F.L Newberry is the inventor of Numberella Club, a maths system which restores the fun to learning maths and is helping to change the culture around the subject.

Kae Novak, ISTE GSN

Rachelle Dene Poth, Rivervew Junior Senior High School

I teach Spanish and STEAM. I am an attorney and have a Master’s Degree in IT. I am Communications Chair for ISTE MLN, President-Elect and Innovations and Resources Co-Chair for Teacher Education Network, PAECT Historian. I was selected as 2017 Outstanding Teacher of the Year by PAECT ( ISTE affiliate). I was named one of “20 to Watch” leaders by NSBA. I am a Common Sense Educator, Buncee Ambassador, Edmodo Certified Trainer, Nearpod PioNear, TES Ambassador as well as several others. I wrote chapter 3 of Edumatch “Snapshot in Education”, on Blended Learning and Chapter 6 of ISTE’s “Gamify Literacy”.

Kristy Sevy, Fuze Play

Ami Shah, Peekapak

Ami Shah is the Co-Founder & CEO of Peekapak, a learning platform that teaches social-emotional learning skills like self-regulation, empathy and teamwork in the class and home through literacy-based and game-based learning. Peekapak’s platform reaches over 12k teachers and 150k students in 90 different countries. Ami is passionate about improving youth education, and has previously taught in K-4 classrooms and advised & volunteered at education-related non-profit organizations.

Josh Stevens, Bloxels

Gregg Stone

Dr. Amanda Sullivan, Tufts University

Christie Veitch, Workbench Platform

Christie Veitch has been in education for 15+ years with one goal: using engagement and cross-disciplinary, hands-on projects to create transformative, lasting learning. Her range of experience includes teaching students from pre-school through higher ed, designing education environments in a variety of settings (museums, camps, clubs, classes, and more), leading educator professional development , and curriculum design. Her last four roles focused on helping the coolest educational technologies work for students, teachers, and other educators to generate the kind of engagement and learning success that can only result from combining fun with risk-taking and educators learning alongside their students.

David Weiss, SAM Labs

Susan Wells, TechTerra Education

Susan Wells is an educator, innovator and pioneer in the field of mobile learning. For 30 years, she has served as Principal, Administrator, Teacher, Technology Coordinator, Public Speaker and Educational Technology Strategist. She is the ISTE Mobile Learning Network president. Susan is the founder of TechTerra Education

Kira Westbroek, Osmo

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San Antonio

June 25-28, 2017

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