Using Minecraft to Foster Innovative Learning

Location: Room Tower View Lobby, Table 8

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Tuesday, June 27, 10:30 am–12:30 pm
Location: Room Tower View Lobby, Table 8

Samuel Bosch   Sherry Bosch   Christian Bosch   Andrea Tolley  
Discover how to use Minecraft in creative and innovative ways across different content areas and for various enrichment ideas. From recreating historical figures, to engineering challenges, to animation, and music, find something that sparks student engagement, while fostering innovative design. Activities can be replicated even for those new to Minecraft.

Skill level: Beginner
Attendee devices: Devices useful
Attendee device specification: Laptop: PC, Chromebook, Mac
Tablet: Android, iOS, Windows
Participant accounts, software and other materials:
Focus: Digital age teaching & learning
Topic: Innovative learning environments
Grade level: 3-5
Subject area: STEM/STEAM
ISTE Standards: Students : Creative communicator
Students : Innovative designer
Students : Knowledge constructor
Additional detail: Student presentation

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Description: Link to Minecraft Education Community for resources/tutorials, etc.
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Description: Samuel and Christian's YouTube Channel, InnoMine, short for Innovation Minecraft
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Proposal summary

Purpose & objective

Share best practices in using Minecraft to allow students to creatively communicate their knowledge across content areas.
Showcase innovative design challenges in Minecraft and ways students construct their knowledge of engineering concepts and creative expression.


Share best practices in using Minecraft to allow students to creatively communicate their knowledge across content areas. Student showcase examples will be part of this presentation.

Supporting research



Samuel Bosch

Samuel Bosch is an honor student sophomore at South Eugene High School in Eugene, Oregon. He has strong interests in STEM subjects and has been taking piano lessons for a year and half. Besides his love for video games, he has recently developed an interest in recreating music virtually in Minecraft using note blocks, delay switches and red stone.

Sherry Bosch, ISTE

Sherry Bosch manages onsite, hybrid, and online learning programs for ISTE Professional Services. She produces high quality webinars, virtual workshops and conferences connecting educators with innovative instructional strategies and resources to improve teaching and learning in the digital age. Sherry also coordinates trainings for schools and districts, as well as for high profile clients such as the US Dept. of Education, Singapore’s Ministry of Education, Johns Hopkins University, and NASA. She has 26+ years of event planning experience within the education, non-profit, and marketing fields. Sherry’s bachelor degree is from the University of Texas at Austin.

Christian Bosch

Christian Bosch is a sixth grader at Roosevelt Middle School in Eugene, Oregon. He is an innovative designer and Minecraft power user extraordinaire! He has been creating, building, mining, and playing in Minecraft since he was 7 years old and has created virtual vending machines, amazing architecture, and productive virtual farms and other forms of virtual reflections of life experiences. He is currently blending his Minecraft interest with creating animations and making You Tube video tutorials.

Andrea Tolley, Greeneville Middle School

Andrea Tolley is the Microsoft IT Academy educator at Greeneville Middle School. She is a member of the district IT Teacher Academy and loves learning and sharing with others about technology. She is a #MIEExpert, ClassFlow Ambassador, ClassDojo Ambassador, Flipgrid Ambassador, and GoNoodle Ambassador. She has presented at various conferences such as BETT in London, TETC, ISTE, Greeneville City Schools Technology Blitz, TETA Summer Symposium and the Niswonger Symposium on topics such as various technology tools for the classroom, data driven instruction, ClassFlow, and how to incorporate technology in the classroom. She has a drive for inspiring her students and colleagues to love learning.

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