5 Key Trends Transforming Teaching Today

Location: Room 225AB

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Monday, June 26, 4:00–5:00 pm
Location: Room 225AB

Vicki Davis   Marlo Gaddis   Dr. Sally I'Anson   Scott McLeod   Richard Middleton   Paul Ritter  
Tired of the buzzwords? Want to get past the hype? What really works in teaching? This panel will tackle five important trends transforming teaching today. It will help superintendents, principals, IT Directors, and teachers get back to what works in the classroom and refocus on learning.

Skill level: Intermediate
Attendee devices: Devices not needed
Participant accounts, software and other materials: None
Focus: Leadership
Topic: Technology planning and evaluation
Grade level: PK-12
ISTE Standards: Students : Creative communicator
Teachers : Facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity
Administrators : Visionary leadership
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Proposal summary

Purpose & objective

District leaders, IT leaders, principals and teachers need practical knowledge and examples of how teaching is being transformed. The panelists have identified five essential trends including effective edtech in teaching (and teacher PD), supporting the student-teacher relationship, the melding of adaptive learning/ blended learning and personalized learning, interoperability and data privacy issues, and the evolution of assessment. This panel will be high energy but practical and will share examples of each.

Participants will be able to:
1. Utilize practical strategies to unify and simplify technology to support teaching and learning
2. Gain expert advice and learn best practices on five trends transforming teaching today from nationally respected educators including a teacher, a director of IT, a superintendent and a college professor.
3. Recognize how an integrated technology platform can serve as the catalyst which allows teachers the freedom to focus on what matters most – instruction.


I.Overview of the panel and introductions
II. Integration of Edtech in Teaching
a. Where we’ve been
b. Where we’re going
c. The proper role of edtech
III. The Effective Blended Classroom
a. Why we need to blend the classroom
b. Examples of effective blended classrooms
c. Are schools blending or is it just a few classrooms?
IV. Supporting the Student/Teacher Connection
a. Successful edtech tools now help improve the student/teacher relationship
b. Some examples of how this is happening
c. Where we need to go
V. The Evolution of Assessment
a. Where we’ve been
b. Where we’re going and the new role of formative and authentic assessment
c. What the changing role of assessment means for the effective teacher
VI. Data Driven Instruction
a. Why data sits unused
b. How we can use data more effectively
c. Examples of improving data driven instruction
VII. Interoperability
a. How can we connect all of these tools?
b. What do we do when we have data in one place that we need in another?
c. Are there examples of this?
VIII. Teacher-directed Personal Learning
a. Where we’ve been
b. Where we’re going
c. How has ESSA changed the PD landscape

Supporting research

This document presents data from traditional schools improving their results with a blended learning approach. http://www.christenseninstitute.org/publications/proof-points/

The Learning Accelerator calls Blended Learning “the transformative educational innovation of our time.” Even so, while specific aspects of blended learning are known to work, the overall evidence of blended learning success is still emerging.

Link to 2016 ISTE presentation “Blended Learning Classrooms: Pedagogies, Skills and Tools for Teaching” https://conference.iste.org/2016/?id=100385056



Vicki Davis, Cool Cat Teacher Blog

Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher is a full-time classroom teacher and IT Director at Westwood Schools in Camilla, Georgia. Vicki authors the Cool Cat Teacher Blog, hosts the 10-Minute Teacher Podcast and speaks around the world at edtech conferences. Vicki's students collaborate, program apps, create websites and more. Winner: Best Teacher blog. Best talk show host in education. Top edtech influencer on Twitter.

Marlo Gaddis, Wake County Public Schools

Marlo Gaddis is the Senior Director for Instructional Technology and Library Media Services for the Wake County Public School System. She serves on advisory committees/boards for the NC Department of Public Instruction, NC Digital Learning Plan, Clever and RTM K-12 Congress. She is a founding member of the NC CoSN (Consortium of School Networking) chapter.

Dr. Sally I'Anson, PowerSchool

As Director of Thought Leadership for PowerSchool, Dr. Sally I'Anson collaborates with education leaders across the U.S. engaging with them in discussions on K-12 software innovations that build academic freedom and curiosity, reward ingenuity and fuel individual and team passion for excellence. Sally is a career educator with over 30 years of experience in the K-12 education. Sally is a prolific writer and has written articles, eBooks, white papers and infographics on topics relevant to teachers, principals, school district leaders, and superintendents.

Scott McLeod, University of Colorado Denver

2016 ISTE Award for Outstanding Leadership. Associate Professor. Founding Director, CASTLE. Blogger. Idea generator. Solution builder. Agitator. Catalyst. “If the leaders don’t get it, it’s not going to happen.” | dangerouslyirrelevant.org | @mcleod

Richard Middleton, PowerSchool

Paul Ritter, Judson ISD

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San Antonio

June 25-28, 2017

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