About ISTE

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) is a membership association serving educators committed to leveraging technology to solve tough problems and advance learning. ISTE serves more than 100,000 education stakeholders throughout the world.

ISTE Conference & Expo registration includes year-round membership in ISTE where you'll find a global tribe of passionate educators and leaders who are committed to expanding the horizons of education technology. Attend ISTE 2018 and become a member, or join today!

About the ISTE Conference & Expo

The ISTE Conference & Expo is recognized globally as the most comprehensive educational technology conference in the world. For more than three decades, educators and education leaders have gathered at the ISTE conference to engage in hands-on learning, exchange ideas and network with like-minded thinkers seeking to transform learning and teaching.

The annual event attracts over 16,000 attendees and industry representatives, including teachers, technology coordinators, administrators, library media specialists, teacher educators and policymakers. Attendees also enjoy world-class keynotes, hundreds of sessions in a variety of formats and a massive expo hall.

Conference leadership

In addition to conference leadership, we wish to extend a special thanks to the ISTE Board of Directors and Leadership Team for their support and efforts to make ISTE 2018 a success.

Conference program leadership

Jennifer Ragan-Fore
Chief Events Officer, ISTE

Camilla Gagliolo
Program Director, ISTE

Amber Heffner
Regional Program Chair, ICE-IL, Illinois

Program Committee

Dr. Shirley Campbell
Program Advisor, PDLSS, Pennsylvania

Christine Klynen
Program Advisor, Atlanta International School, Georgia

Briana Allen
BYOD Co-chair, River Grove School District, Illinois

James Rommel
BYOD Co-chair, Berrien Regional Education Service Agency, Michigan

Mia Leonard
Posters Co-chair, Chicago Public Schools, Illinois

Nicole Zumpano
Posters Co-chair, Chicago Public Schools, Illinois

Anne Ottenbreit-Leftwich
Research Paper Chair, Indiana University, Indiana

David Chan
Workshop Co-chair, Evanston Township High School, Illinois

Dr. Lynne Herr
Workshop Co-chair, ESU #6, Nebraska