Media credentials

ISTE 2018 media credentials may be provided to print, digital and broadcast reporters; active freelancers; and bloggers with an established reach of more than 50,000 who plan to cover the conference and expo for their outlets. Advertising personnel, media sales executives and public relations representatives do not qualify for media credentials. In addition, individuals who blog for corporate or other organizations' newsrooms do not qualify for complimentary media registrations.

Any media applying for ISTE 2018 credentials that have previously covered the conference as registered media will be asked to provide links to past coverage as part of the application process. It is ISTE's expectation that all coverage of the conference, its events and activities will be balanced and in accordance with the highest standards and ethics of professional journalism. In addition, all individuals receiving media credentials must adhere to the ISTE Code of Conduct.

ISTE will review all applications for media credentials within 15 business days of submission.

Emerging Edubloggers

Approximately 10 emerging edubloggers will be selected at ISTE's sole discretion to receive ISTE 2018 media credentials.

Corporate bloggers

While corporate bloggers are not eligible for complimentary media registrations, marketing/communications staff from ISTE Corporate Members and ISTE 2018 exhibitors may receive a media credential ribbon by visiting the onsite press room. To qualify for a media credential ribbon, individuals must have a full conference registration and complete a short form that details plans for covering ISTE 2018.

Press room

All media credentials will be available for pick-up in the press room (W475b) located at McCormick Place West Building. In addition, the press room is available to all credentialed media for interviews and to work on stories.

The press room will be open and staffed:

Saturday, June 23: 7 a.m.–6 p.m.
Sunday, June 24: 7 a.m.–7 p.m.
Monday, June 25: 7 a.m.–6 p.m.
Tuesday, June 26: 7 a.m.–6 p.m.
Wednesday, June 27: 7:30 a.m.–3 p.m.

NOTE: ISTE 2018 exhibitor PR representatives may bring print press kits to the press room and periodically refresh their stack of materials. However, we cannot store or accept delivery of this material.