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Present at ISTE 2018

We seek proposals from educators at any career stage, from all backgrounds and all parts of the world, and we love to see student participation in presentations! We also welcome exhibitor proposals that demonstrate noncommercial uses of technology to transform education.

ISTE 2018 acceptance rates

Format # Submitted # Accepted Acceptance Rate
BYOD 339 79 23.3%
BYODex 263 62 23.6%
Interactive lecture 735 110 15.0%
Lecture 469 87 18.6%
Panel 169 35 20.7%
Poster 753 426 56.6%
Research paper 122 61 50.0%
Snapshot 321 74 23.1%
Workshop 209 69 33.0%
Total 3,380 1,003 29.7%

Presenter information

  • There is no fee to submit a proposal. We seek proposals from educators at all levels and from all parts of the world.
  • Access your presenter menu to manage proposal submissions.
  • All adult presenters must register to attend the conference.
  • Student presenters who are 18 years and younger and listed on an accepted session are not required to register and may pick up a complimentary badge in Chicago.

Suggest a keynote

Know of a visionary you’d like to see at ISTE 2018? We’re looking for keynote speakers who inspire us, amaze us and ignite our passion for connected learning.

Our keynote speakers are known as individuals from any field, including education, who can bring fresh perspectives to our audience in new and exciting ways.

Catch our attention by:

  • Thinking outside the box. The ISTE Conference & Expo isn’t your typical education conference.
  • Keeping it simple. Make your case briefly, concisely and with gusto.
  • Sharing examples. Link to videos and articles about your suggested speaker.

Don’t be shy — if you’ve got a burning message to share, feel free to recommend yourself!