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The Digital Age Librarian: ISTE Authors Get Future-Ready

Location: W187b

Listen and learn

Listen and learn : Panel

Tuesday, June 26, 4:15–5:15 pm
Location: W187b

Colette Cassinelli   Shannon Miller   Diana Rendina   Nikki D Robertson  
Three digital age librarians share stories, tips and best practices for reimagining the library for modern learners in this fast-paced session.

Skill level: Beginner
Attendee devices: Devices useful
Attendee device specification: Smartphone: Windows, Android, iOS
Focus: Digital age teaching & learning
Topic: Library/media
Grade level: PK-12
Subject area: Language arts, Social studies
ISTE Standards: For Students:
Empowered Learner
  • Students build networks and customize their learning environments in ways that support the learning process.
Knowledge Constructor
  • Students curate information from digital resources using a variety of tools and methods to create collections of artifacts that demonstrate meaningful connections or conclusions.
  • Students plan and employ effective research strategies to locate information and other resources for their intellectual or creative pursuits.
Additional detail: ISTE author presentation

Proposal summary

Purpose & objective

Participants will learn how technology is informing the library space and the practice of librarians. They will learn how specific tools such as GoodReads and Pinterest are suited for library use. They will hear stories of successful digital age libraries.


The panel moderator will introduce herself and each of the panelists, a slide presentation will show highlights of their areas of expertise (10min)
Panel questions and responses from panelists (30 minutes)
Open up to the audience for questions (15 minutes)
Closing (5 minutes)

Supporting research

Reimagining Library Spaces, by Diana Rendina
Connected Librarians, by Nikki D. Robertson
The Librarian's Guide to Research & Inquiry, Colette Cassinelli

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Colette Cassinelli, Sunset High School
Shannon Miller, Van Meter Community School
Diana Rendina, Tampa Preparatory School
Nikki D Robertson, ESC Region 13

#FutureReady Librarian/Tech Facilitator & #ISTE Librarians Network President Elect Passionate about 1:1 #GAFE #MakerSpaces & #stuvoice 1st #EdCamp ATL CoFounder

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