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Digital Brands for Students to Promote Digital Citizenship

Location: Posters; Level 3, Skyline Ballroom Pre-function, Table 35

Participate and share

Participate and share : Poster

Monday, June 25, 11:00 am–1:00 pm
Location: Posters; Level 3, Skyline Ballroom Pre-function, Table 35

Charles Futrell  
How can students practice digital citizenship in a personal way? Empower students in the global culture by helping them create a digital brand. Learn about branding and how it can help promote the strengths of students while teaching them how they should behave and share in the global community.

Skill level: Beginner
Attendee devices: Devices not needed
Participant accounts, software and other materials: Google products will be used to create templates that attendees can access and use with students. It would be best if those attending had Google Accounts, but the templates will be unlocked so that all can access them.
Focus: Digital age teaching & learning
Topic: Digital citizenship
Grade level: PK-12
ISTE Standards: For Students:
Digital Citizen
  • Students engage in positive, safe, legal and ethical behavior when using technology, including social interactions online or when using networked devices.
  • Students cultivate and manage their digital identity and reputation and are aware of the permanence of their actions in the digital world.

Proposal summary

Purpose & objective

Branding has been used in advertising for many years. With the advent of social media, the rise of personal branding has grown. Teaching students how to develop a brand provides a more personal approach for learning about Digital Citizenship that allows for the students to take ownership in becoming better citizens in the digital community.

By the end of the session, participants will:
Obtain knowledge of the history of branding
Understand the purpose of branding
Understand the benefits of branding in education
Understand the benefits of student created brands
Understand what good citizenship requires


Introduction of presenter
Reasons behind interest in branding in Education and more specifically, with students
Ways that branding can promote good Digital CItizenship with students

Take aways- templates that teachers can use to help students develop their digital brand
 “Strengths” assessment for different levels
 Guidelines for creating a brand “logo”

Supporting research

Personal Branding Course Helps Students Communicate in Digital World-

Developing A Personal Brand: The Younger, The Better Challenge-

10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Creating Your Personal Brand-

Examples: What Do Great Brand Identity Guidelines Look Like?-

More [+]


person photo
Charles Futrell, Chesterfield County Public Schools

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