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Computer Science Network & NCWIT (PLN) Social Event

Location: Weather Mark Tavern, 1503 S. Michigan Ave.

Engage and connect

Engage and connect : Social event

Saturday, June 23, 7:00–9:00 pm
Location: Weather Mark Tavern, 1503 S. Michigan Ave.

Patricia Brown   Cicely Day   Kimberly Lane   Karen North   Knikole Taylor  
Computing is in our everyday life and we must begin teaching our students that computer science is more than just "coding"and we must prepare our students for 21st century learning. Come out and meet the members of Computer Science Network! Let's mix and mingle and enjoy lite refreshments.

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The Computer Science PLN Social Event is a great opportunity for anyone interested in gaining resources on how to incorporate Computer Science in to ALL classrooms and network with like-minded people. This is an informal event to relax, unwind, and chat with CSN!

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Patricia Brown, Old Bonhomme School
Cicely Day, West Contra Costa School
Kimberly Lane, Lancaster ISD
Karen North, AAUW / NCWIT /
Knikole Taylor, Lancaster ISD

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