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Get Your PL in Gear

Location: Posters; Level 3, Skyline Ballroom Pre-function, Table 37

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Participate and share : Poster

Tuesday, June 26, 1:15–3:15 pm
Location: Posters; Level 3, Skyline Ballroom Pre-function, Table 37

Dr. Virginia Duncan   Kate Piland  
Discover practical and applicable ways to implement a personalized professional learning environment. Using challenges, workshops and innovative collaboration ideas, change HOW professional learning can happen. Flexible goal-based challenges allow for cross-curricular, cross grade-level sharing between both novice and expert teachers to encourage ongoing professional growth.

Skill level: Beginner
Attendee devices: Devices useful
Attendee device specification: Smartphone: Windows, Android, iOS
Laptop: Chromebook, Mac, PC
Tablet: Android, iOS, Windows
Focus: Professional learning
Topic: Professional learning models
Grade level: PK-12
ISTE Standards: For Coaches:
Content Knowledge and Professional Growth
  • Engage in continuous learning to deepen professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions in organizational change and leadership, project management and adult learning to improve professional practice.
For Educators:
  • Pursue professional interests by creating and actively participating in local and global learning networks.
  • Use technology to create, adapt and personalize learning experiences that foster independent learning and accommodate learner differences and needs.

Proposal summary

Purpose & objective

Professional learning needs to change. Articles and research state that sit-and-get professional development is not conducive to effective implementation of instructional strategies and educational technology tools. Many things that are presented during Professional Development Sessions are viewed as just “one more thing” that teachers have to do. As an instructional and technology coach team, we knew Professional Development needed to shift to meaningful Professional Learning at our site in order to become more personalized, flexible, and lead to application within classrooms.

Session attendees will be able to walk away with a sample method for HOW to shift gears with Professional Learning that:
- recognizes teachers as learners.
- models differentiated learning needed for all types of 21st century learners.
- is personalized.
- allows flexibility to differentiate with district-wide initiatives.
- is continuous, engaging, and relevant to application in the classroom.
- promotes teacher leadership and empowers teachers to design their own learning.
- places the learning needs of our teachers first.
- has goal-based challenges.
- models the melding of technology and instruction.
- motivates teachers toward practical application and classroom implementation in order to skip over the “knowing-doing” gap.
- allows teachers to accomplish the same goals, but follow different learning paths.


Presenter will share an example PL plan, sample professional learning challenge cards with leveled learning tasks, a website with a bank of all previous and current professional learning challenges and resources. Presenter will share personal experiences implementing and maintaining this professional learning model within a high school setting. This includes ongoing, year-long leveled professional learning, as well as day-long professional learning session structures and novice teacher orientation.

Supporting research

Lead Like a Pirate by Shelley Burgess & Beth Houf
The Art of Coaching by Elena Aguilar

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Dr. Virginia Duncan, Garden City High School

Dr. Virginia Duncan has been an Instructional Coach at Liberal High School in Liberal USD 480 since August of 2011. From 1998-2011, Ginny taught English, History, and Drama at the middle school level in Walnut Creek and Antioch, CA. She received her Ed.D. in Teacher Leadership from Walden University in 2012, her Masters in Literacy in the Content Areas in 2007, and her Masters in Educational Leadership and Administration in August of 2016. Ginny is most passionate about helping teachers through their professional journey. She loves assisting teachers in their individual professional growth and helping them become teacher leaders.

Kate Piland, Engaging Technologies/KCAV

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