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Unique Opportunities and Challenges for Educational Technology in Independent Schools

Location: W183c

Engage and connect

Engage and connect : Meeting

Tuesday, June 26, 5:45–7:15 pm
Location: W183c

Jennifer Carey   Dr. Ashley Cross   Vinnie Vrotny  
Take time to focus on the unique challenges and opportunities afforded to educational technology in independent schools. You're encouraged to bring your experiences, knowledge and ideas to this participatory session. This session, serves as the annual meeting and gathering of the Independent School Educator Network

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Independent Schools have unique opportunities as well as challenges when implementing new educational technology initiatives. Join us as we explore current trends and practices in Independent Schools as well as the struggles and challenges unique to our educational institutions.

5 minutes - Welcome & Introductions
10 minutes - Summary of 2017-2018 achievements
15 minutes - What went well this last year? Key takeaways
20 minutes - Crowdsource: What are the hot topics at your schools?
10 minutes - Plans for PLN 2018-2019

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person photo
Jennifer Carey, Ransom Everglades School
person photo
Dr. Ashley Cross, Association of Technology Leaders in Ind
person photo
Vinnie Vrotny, The Kinkaid School

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