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ISTE 1-in-3 Sessions -- Round 1

Location: W181a

Listen and learn

Listen and learn : Multi-presentation

Tuesday, June 26, 1:15–2:15 pm
Location: W181a

Dr. Nagla Ali   Dr. Lauren Angelone   Michael Buttil   Andrew Collins   Trevor Fritz   Dr. Jaclyn Gerstein   Katherine Goyette   Melinda Kolk   Tiffany Lucey   Aditya Mahesh   Mike McGowan   John Mlynczak   Dr. Clara Prado   Kelly Sanford   Allison Starling   Sheri Vasinda   Deanna Williams   Cynthia Wulfsberg   Julie Yandell  
18 presenters have just three minutes each to share their best technology integration moment.
1: Elementary Students as Social Entrepreneurs: A Perfect STEAM Project, Jaclyn Gerstein
2: No More Excuses! Tech Integration for our Youngest Learners, Katherine Goyette
3: Best Pedagogies of Integrating 3D Printing into Elementary Classrooms, Nagla Ali
4: Music Composition is Coding- Anyone can do it!, John Mlynczak
5: Using PBL to Power Up STEM, Melinda Kolk
6: Online Interactive Storytelling with Twine, Michael Buttil
7: The importance of tranformation in teacher training, Clara Prado
8: How to Keep Teachers Engaged Until Summer, Allison Starling
9: Posts on Google for Schools, Aditya Mahesh
10: Cross-cultural Game Design Collaboration, Lauren Angelone
11: Talking Pics as Self-Reflection Tools for Stronger Readers, Writers, and Teachers, Sheri Vasinda
12 :Enhance the boring Lesson Plan and create a stunning VISUAL LESSON PLAN!, Cynthia Wulfsberg
13: Voices of the Under Represented Using Augmented Reality (AR), Tiffany Lucey
14: Creating Intrinsic Learners Through Google Sheets, Trevor Fritz
15: From Problem-based Inquiry using a Makerspace Cart, Arduino & Google Slides, Deanna Williams
16: Don’t Design Learning Spaces, Design Learning Experiences, Kelly Sanford
17: How to Inspire Students to Communicate like Leaders Online, Julie Yandell
18: Power of Physical Computing, Andrew Collins

Additional detail: Session recorded for video-on-demand, Session will be simulcast live


Dr. Nagla Ali, Emirates College for Advanced Education
Dr. Lauren Angelone, Xavier University

Dr. Angelone is an Assistant Professor of Instructional Technology and Science Education at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is a former middle school science teacher and received her PhD in Educational Technology from The Ohio State University.

Michael Buttil, Ashland University
Andrew Collins, Raspberry Pi Foundation

I manage the Raspberry Pi Foundation's flagship educator professional development program in North America and support a community of over 400 Raspberry Pi Certified Educators nationwide.

Trevor Fritz, Maine Township High School District 207
Dr. Jaclyn Gerstein, Boise State U. & Santa Fe Public School
Katherine Goyette, Tulare County Office of Education

Katherine Goyette works with administrators, coaches, and teachers as the Educational Technology and Integrated Studies Consultant for Tulare County Office of Education. Katherine is a Google Certified Trainer and Innovator who believes in the power of collaborative networks. She founded and is the co-founder of #CVTechTalk. Katherine is dedicated to promoting interdisciplinary, future-ready learning experiences for students. She was primary writer for California's Computer Science standards and recipient of a Google CS PD Grant for an integrated approach to CS education. Katherine maintains a blog and website at

Melinda Kolk, Creative Educator

Melinda Kolk (@melindak) is the Editor of Creative Educator and the author of Teaching with Clay Animation. She has been helping educators implement project-based learning, digital storytelling, and creative technologies into classroom teaching and learning for the past 20 years.

Tiffany Lucey, Toms River Regional School District

Former Wall-Streeter, Math and Computer Science Educator and now wearing many hats, with the title Supervisor of Educational Technology for Toms River Regional Schools in NJ I am fortunate to serve nearly 16,000 students and 1,400 educators providing district-wide professional development, leading curriculum writing, co-authoring and implementing millions of dollars in grants and co-founding events like and the Jersey Shore SpedCamp.

Aditya Mahesh, Google
Mike McGowan, Sunnybrook School District 171
John Mlynczak, Noteflight

John Mlynczak offers an extensive range of experiences in music education and is a frequent national clinician. Mr. Mlynczak is President of the Technology Institute of Music Educators and Managing Director of Noteflight, a Hal Leonard company. John is also an Adjunct Professor of Music Technology at LSU, a Graduate Instructor at VanderCook College, and a Google Level-2 Certified Educator. Mr. Mlynczak holds degrees in music education, music performance, and educational leadership.

Dr. Clara Prado, Avenues - the world school
Kelly Sanford, brightspot strategy

As a Senior Strategist at brightspot strategy, Kelly Sanford delights in uncovering and illuminating the hidden threads that connect the way we behave with the spaces we inhabit, and revels in imagining the diverse ways in which different users will perceive the same space. With a background in architecture and urban design, she believes great design balances a respect for the existing context with fresh ideas and rigorous research. She always seeks to generate an experience that fits the site, community, and zeitgeist.

Allison Starling, St. Gabriel's Catholic School
Sheri Vasinda, Oklahoma State University
Deanna Williams, Niagara Catholic DSB

My name is Deanna Williams. When I'm not teaching or busy with a school project, I love to take photos, play ice-hockey and learn how to play the guitar. I am a life-long learner and teacher at Lakeshore Catholic High School in Port Colborne, Ontario and I have the pleasure of teaching communications technology, robotics and programming. I am passionate about teaching and learning with technology and love to share strategies with other teachers in order for them to gain confidence with digital learning strategies, Google Apps and SMART Technologies.

Cynthia Wulfsberg, El Dorado High School

Cynthia Wulfsberg graduated from the University of Southern California with a Fine Art degree and a Teaching Credential (K-12). She promptly moved to New York City to pursue a career in Advertising & Graphic Design. She worked in Los Angles, San Francisco, Sacramento and Toronto as an Art Director, Creative Director and Design Director. She missed her dream of being a teacher so she taught as adjunct professor at the Academy of Art and Burlingame Community College. That experience led her to a full time teaching position in Las Vegas. Currently she’s a Learning Strategist bringing technology to the classroom.

Julie Yandell, Jefferson Elementary WFISD

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