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Dynamic Learning with G Suite for Education

Location: W192c

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Tuesday, June 26, 4:30–5:00 pm
Location: W192c

Kasey Bell   Google for Education  
Hosted by Google. With collaborative tools like G Suite that are available 24/7, the learning doesn’t have to end when the bell rings. Let’s explore ways to go beyond traditional learning and prepare future ready students using G Suite for Education.

Focus: Digital age teaching & learning
Topic: Instructional design and delivery


Kasey Bell, Shake Up Learning

Kasey is a relentless innovator of ideas and a devoted transformer of classrooms and teaching. Through teacher empowering publications and award-winning educational resources at, learner-driven workshops and presentations and co-hosting Google Teacher Tribe weekly podcast, Kasey proves why we should never settle for the boring when it comes to bringing out the very best in our students, and we should always strive to Shake Up Learning!

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