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A learning event like no other

The ISTE Creative Constructor Lab is not your typical professional learning event. This two-day experience includes an array of hands-on, creative and interactive learning activities designed exclusively for educators who are not the traditional arts or media teachers within a school. Lab participants will learn how to use the ISTE Educator and Student Standards to establish vibrant, media-rich learning environments that support creative problem-solving and digital knowledge construction — and have a lot of fun along the way!

This set of active professional learning activities will include:

Activities to include creative expressions of:

ISTE Creative Constructor Lab Program Team

Thank you to the ISTE Creative Constructor Lab Program Team for the countless hours you’ve spent creating the program for this event.

Camilla Gagliolo
Senior Director of Event Content, ISTE

Michael Cohen
Director of Innovation, Yeshiva University High Schools Los Angeles

Christine Klynen
Learning Coach, Atlanta International School

Kurt Klynen
Leadership and Vision Coach, Park International School

Ben Mountz
Upper School Physics Teacher, Hanalani Schools

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