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Edtech Advocacy &
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Thanks to all who made our No Fear Coding Lab a success!

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Computer science continues to accelerate innovative teaching and learning in powerful ways. Educators who embrace CS, and not fear it, are transforming their classrooms and empowering students to excel as critical thinkers and problem-solvers. Join us in Detroit for one-of-a-kind learning experience and the chance to build a strong, supportive network of like-minded peers.

Announcing three thought-provoking keynotes!

Hear inspiring stories from the Digerati Girls, a group of entrepreneurial young women who are creating opportunities for women in technical innovation and digital marketing careers; the Pixar Director of Photography, Danielle Feinberg, who combines her passion for art and technology on films such as Finding Nemo and Coco; and award-winning educator and author of Code Breaker, Brian Aspinall.

Location: Detroit, Michigan
Wayne State University

Event dates:
October 6-8, 2018
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