Leadership Exchange
at ISTELive 21
Creative Constructor
Lab Virtual
Edtech Advocacy &
Policy Summit
WHEN: Saturday, October 6, 1:30–3:45 pm

WHERE: WSU Community Arts Building Auditorium

Vision setting: Take your first fearless step

Leigh Ann DeLyser, CSforALL; Joshua Elder, CSforALL

Session description

Using the Strategic CSforALL Resource & Implementation Planning Tool, CSforALL Managing Director Leigh Ann DeLyser will lead you through a vision-setting process that will help you prioritize your time while at the event and identify actionable goals for the future.

Set your vision!
Decide where you want to be, collect the knowledge and inspiration to help you get there and commit to what you’re going to do next.

What do you most want to get out of this event? What outcome, above all others, do you want to see for yourself in order to meet your longer term vision?

Capture 10 provocative, interesting and valuable ideas from this event that you want to explore further to bring you closer to your goal.

What are the most immediate next steps you are going to take to keep you on the path to achieving your goal?

Record your responses to these questions in the handout provided and capture your experience using our digital tool. Info regarding the digital tool will be provided during the vision-setting session.
Co-Founder and Executive Director
Director of Strategic Initiatives