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Supercharge your team's potential!

ISTE19 has hundreds of professional learning opportunities for your entire team. Send a group of educators to learn together and supercharge your team’s potential!

And when you sign up a group, you earn discounts and free registrations.

  • Bring 10 or more attendees to ISTE19 and get the super-early-bird rate through the opening day of the conference.
  • Bring 50 people and receive one complimentary registration. After that, earn one registration for every additional 25 in your group.
  • To qualify, the group must be composed of at least 10 registrations from a school, school district, university or nonprofit and must provide a tax ID.

Use these resources to help get your team on board!

Group resource – make the case
Postcard for your educators
Flyer for staff rooms


How it works:

  • Assign a group leader to create a group, and select whether the group’s registrations will be billed to a purchase order or will be paid for individually via credit card.
  • The group leader will receive a custom registration link to distribute to all group members to register at the group rate.
  • Complimentary registrations will begin accumulating when the group size reaches 50. After that, the group will earn one free registration for every additional 25 group members through June 14, 2019.

Group leaders can:

  • Create and manage multiple groups.
  • Select payment options and print group invoice.
  • Set a maximum number group registrations.
  • Register group members.

Rates for groups of 10 or more through June 23.

Group rate
ISTE member
loyalty rate*
ISTE member
less than one year**
includes ISTE membership
ISTE member**
Full-time student
ISTE member**
Full-time student
Premium registration upgrade +$99 to basic registration rate
One-day $220

*If you've been an ISTE member for the past 12 months or more at the time of registration, you qualify for a discount of $30.
**Current ISTE membership must be valid through June 26, 2019.
Print the registration form to register via email, fax or mail.