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Presenter FAQs

Resources for all presenters

  • Registration for adult presenters [+]
  • All adult presenters must register to attend the conference.

    By using the email address associated with your ISTE19 presenter record when you register, you’ll receive the lowest discounted rate no matter when you sign up.

    This deeper registration discount is ISTE’s way of showing its appreciation for all presenters do to shape and support the conference.

    If you do not register by May 1, your presentation may be subject to cancellation.

  • Adding/removing presenters [+]
  • Please add any presenter(s) to your session proposal by logging in to your presenter menu. Click on the title of the proposal you want to edit, and scroll to the bottom of the page to the “Presenter” section. Click the link to the right that reads “view/edit this section.”

    Co-presenters will be able to view your proposal on their presenter menu but will not be able to make edits.

  • Remote Presenters [+]
  • ISTE requires that primary presenters are physically present to moderate their events and provide presentation laptop/tablet including connection for any remote co-presenters if applicable.

  • Digital tote and Handouts/Resources or Research papers [+]
  • ISTE has created a digital tote bag that allows conference attendees to collect important materials they may want to reference later from sessions or exhibits. Please upload any materials or URLs that may be used or referenced in your session so participants and those unable to attend the conference can benefit from your resources or contact you. If you provided a presentation website with your session submission, it is automatically added as one of your session resources. You may edit or remove items as needed at any time through the digital tote on your presenter menu.

    Handouts/resources may be uploaded as URLs or files before, during and after the conference.

    Guidelines for formatting and submitting your research paper are available below, under "Format-Specific Session Information, research papers."

  • People's Choice [+]
  • Details available in January.

  • Mobile app [+]
  • Details available in May.

  • Promote your session [+]
  • Update your contact information
    Be sure to include your Twitter and Instagram handles on your contact information.

    Tell your networks
    Chances are, the people who will be most interested in your topic and session will be those you are already connected with. Share your session with your PLN, via social posts and personal invites.

    #Hashtag it!
    Use #ISTE19, the official conference hashtag, in your social media posts to engage in the conversation with other attendees and share your announcements with the wider ISTE community. You can also use an existing hashtag related to your session topic (such as #makered, #pblchat, #digcit) to jump into ongoing social media conversations.

  • Evaluations [+]
  • Details available in May.

  • Room set and capacity [+]
  • Presenter Equipment Breakout Room Presenter station

    The standard front of room equipment set includes a combination of wired and wireless presenter internet connectivity, LCD projection with screen, lavalier mics, Apple TV hardware, 
Airplay/Airplay Mirroring service and a sound system to connect to presenter’s own laptop. Attendees will have wireless internet connectivity. The breakout room presenter station is available to Research Paper Lecture sessions.

    Please note for Research Papers Roundtables: No technology or power is provided at each of the tables; a charging station will be at the back of the room.

    Poster Presenter station

    The standard equipment set includes a 6' long, 40" high table with stool, 4' high by 8' long bulletin board backdrop, power, wired presenter internet connectivity and large-screen monitor to connect to presenter’s own laptop.

    The room setup and equipment provided by ISTE can be viewed by clicking on the "Update your technology details and view room specs." link beneath your session time and schedule on the presenter menu. The room number/location and capacity will be viewable mid-May.

    Sessions and workshops will be located in the Pennsylvania Convention Center and the Marriott Downtown Philadelphia.

    Room Access

    Presenters may access their rooms to familiarize themselves with presentation station equipment and test their laptop connections in the mornings beginning at 7:30 a.m. before sessions start and during the breaks between sessions. There will also be a practice presentation station set up in Presenter’s World located in the Convention Center.

  • Presentation computer or device [+]
  • Remember, you must provide your own computer or device via HDMI connection. Please bring the appropriate HDMI adapter for connecting to projectors or display monitors if you’re planning to connect a Mac laptop or iPad via the cable connection. Please see "Room set and capacity" for the standard room setup and equipment provided by ISTE.

    All presentation areas will have a dedicated wired internet drop as well as a password-protected "Presenter" wireless network to support such technologies as AirPlay and AirPlay Mirroring. NOTE: AirPlay functionality over Bluetooth (peer-to-peer AirPlay) with AppleTV is not supported at ISTE19.

    Please be sure to connect your presentation device to the password-protected "Presenter" wireless network in your session room. If you have any questions about the network and how it might affect your presentation, please contact .

  • Submission guide
  • Connect your session to exhibitors [+]
  • Details available in February.

Onsite information

  • Housing [+]
  • ISTE strives to negotiate the lowest possible room rates for attendees. Booking within the conference housing block helps keep registration and housing rates affordable for all attendees and supports a robust shuttle schedule between area hotels and the convention center. Rooms fill up fast – reserve yours today!

  • Presenter's World [+]
  • Presenters' World provides a dedicated space where presenters can gather to collect their thoughts, grab a quick cup of coffee, test their presentation equipment with a sample projection system and store equipment during the day. You will need to show your presenter badge or be listed as a presenter in the ISTE19 program to access the room.

  • Drones [+]
  • Due to security and safety concerns, drones cannot be flown or launched within or outside of the Pennsylvania Convention Center or on ISTE19 hotel properties. Feel free to bring equipment for show-and-tell purposes, but if you choose to bring a drone, please note you should not fly it.

  • Maps of the center [+]
  • Details available in May.

  • Presenter badge pickup [+]
  • Details available in May.

  • Shipping [+]
  • Please plan to coordinate shipping any materials with your hotel.

  • Presenter bag check [+]
  • Details available in May.

  • General conference details [+]
  • Details available in May.

K-12 student presenter information

  • Bringing K-12 student presenters [+]
  • There is a limit of 8 student presenters per session. As the submitter/lead adult presenter for a student presentation, you are eligible to receive a nontransferable complimentary registration as long as you bring a K-12 student. Students must be with an adult at all times. Student presenter names must be added or updated by June 3 to ensure their badges are ready when they arrive.

    The student(s) must be listed on your session record prior to activating your complimentary registration. To activate it, register using the same email address as you've used for your session. You can click the registration link from your account to access the registration form. You cannot activate your complimentary registration from the public registration link.

    Students or children under the age of 16 (including infants) who are not presenting are not permitted in sessions, workshops or the expo hall.

  • Registration for K-12 student presenters [+]
    • Log in to your presenter menu and click on your session.
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page where it says “Presenters” and click “View/edit this section.”
    • Add the student’s or students’ contact information under “Add presenters.” If presenter is a K-12 student, email address is not required.
    • Be sure to indicate they are a student presenter by checking the “Student presenter?” box.
    • If a student is already listed on your session as a Presenter, change the drop down field next to their name to the role Student presenter.
  • Student presenter check-in [+]
  • Student presenters can pick up their name badges at the student presenter check-in counter located in registration in Philadelphia. These complimentary badges give them access to the expo hall (see "Student presenters in the expo hall" below).

    Important: Student presenter names must be added or updated by June 3 to ensure their badges are ready when they arrive. To add/update student names, log in to your presenter menu, click on the title of your proposal and scroll down to the “additional presenter” section of your session proposal. There is a limit of 8 student presenters per session. This will ensure that students’ names display next to their presentations on the conference website and mobile app. Student presenters will receive a special gift for their participation.

  • Chaperones [+]
  • Parents and other non-registered adult chaperones may pick up complimentary chaperone badges at the student presenter check-in counter. Students must be with an adult at all times. Chaperone badges allow chaperones to accompany students at all times. They do not permit attendance to any conference events independent of student participation. Chaperones do not need to be named on the session record.

  • Student presenters in the expo hall [+]
  • Badged student presenters are exempted from ISTE's under-16 age restriction policy and are welcome to visit the expo hall when accompanied by an adult chaperone. Adult chaperones may not have more than five students per group. Students are expected to keep their voices down, stay in their groups and refrain from taking exhibitor giveaways unless they are offered.

    All student presenters under 16 must complete the expo hall Student Presenter Policy form and turn in the form when they pick up their badges at the student presenter check-in counter.

    Student Permission Form available in May.

Format-specific session information

  • Flexroom [+]
  • This year there is a flexible learning session room. If you are presenting in this room, feel free to encourage attendees to move the furniture to fit the learning. Try to incorporate flexible learning concepts into your session content for maximum effect. Play and have fun!

  • Lectures/panels/interactive lectures/BYODs [+]
  • Be sure to review your equipment and room set up prior to your presentation. Use the tools on your presenter menu to promote your session and share resources. If your session requires registration, use the email tool to communicate with attendees in advance.

  • Multi-presentations [+]
  • Multi-presentations such as ISTE Ignite and 1-in-3 are collected as part of the New Ideas call for proposals in April.

    ISTE Ignite - Presenters have five minutes to speak about their professional passions using 20 images.

    ISTE 1-in-3 - Presenters offer one instructional idea or best practice in three minutes.

    ISTE Bytes are invited by the Program Committee. Presenters have two minutes to preview their upcoming session. The presentations are meant to help our participants understand the scope and content of the program, as well as get a feel for which speaker(s) and content they would want to attend during the conference.

  • Playgrounds [+]
  • Playground proposals are by invitation only. Organizers work closely with the Program Committee to create unique learning experiences incorporating hands-on activities. Topics, as well as hosts and organizers, vary from year to year.

  • Posters [+]
  • Poster sessions are two-hour, demonstration-style presentations delivered in an open, multibooth environment. A poster session allows you to showcase your work or project with other educators in an informal setting. Typically, presenters bring sign(s) with the session title, name, school, city and state and also combine text and graphics on a bulletin board to make a visually pleasing presentation. Poster sessions are located in a large area, similar to an exhibition hall or trade show. Unlike the fast pace of a slideshow or oral presentation, poster sessions allow you to engage your audience in one-on-one or small-group conversations. Attendees explore the area looking for topics of interest and then stop at tables to learn and exchange ideas.

    Poster station equipment
    • Wi-Fi and one wired internet connection for the presenter’s laptop/tablet
    • One 8-foot-long, 40-inch-high table and one stool
    • One 24-inch or larger monitor
    • One standard bulletin board with 8' wide x 4' high pinnable space
    • One power strip

    NOTE: Presenters must provide their own presentation laptop/tablet and HDMI adapter to connect to the display monitor.

    Setup and teardown

    Each presentation group will have one hour to set up before their presentation and 30 minutes to teardown afterward. Please adhere to these timelines so that every presentation group has enough time.

    You must carry all of your equipment into the convention center or use an individual wheeled luggage cart. No deliveries will be accepted at the loading docks. If you have a lot of materials, consider mailing items to yourself at your hotel.

    Poster session tips
    • Graphics and text on the bulletin board should be readable from at least 5 feet away.
    • Display images, photos and projects that tell your story and attract your audience.
    • Use bulleted visual points to draw in your audience. Save the details for the one-on-one discussions.
    • Include a title, institution or organization name and a short summary so participants will know at a glance if the topic is of interest to them.
    • Bring a laptop to display pictures or silent videos or to connect to a website.
    • Bring an HDMI adapter to connect to the display monitor.
    • Bring handouts or business cards so you can network and stay connected.
    • Upload handouts for your session via your presenter menu.
    • Be courteous of other presenters around you. Don’t bring speakers, music or loud videos.
    • Please don’t move the furniture or equipment without assistance.
  • Research papers [+]
  • Lecture presentation: Two or three papers presented consecutively within an hour in a lecture setting. Therefore, you will have approximately 27 minutes or 17 minutes to present, depending on the number of papers scheduled during the hour time slot (we like to provide 3 minutes for questions and transitioning between papers. There should be a facilitator at your session providing you with a 5, 2, and 1 minute warning (showing you how much time you have left). Please plan to attend the entire session and watch the other presentation(s) sharing your time slot/room.

    Typically, lecture presentations use PowerPoints to convey the results of their studies (but you can be creative in how you present your study). You will have a projector and the room should host 50-100 potential attendees (although typically audiences have varied from 15-50 attendees). Please upload your files to the digital tote on your presenter menu and have some 1-page handouts available for attendees. We recommend arriving at least 10 minutes early to set up.

    The standard equipment set includes a combination of wired and wireless presenter internet connectivity, LCD projection with screen, lavalier mics, Apple TV hardware, 
Mirroring service and a sound system to connect to presenter’s own laptop. Attendees will have wireless internet connectivity.

    Roundtable format - Presentations with similar research topics are each assigned to one of seven or fewer round tables set for 10 participants where hour-long discussions take place. No equipment is provided. Outlets may not be available. Attendees will have wireless internet connectivity.

    Research paper guidelines
    As a condition of acceptance, please upload your full research paper in PDF format by June 20 via your presenter menu. Research papers should adhere to the following requirements: - Target length: 3,200-4,800 words. - Include main presenter’s name and contact information after the title and before all co-authors. - Include three to seven keywords and bibliographic references.

    Research papers will be posted as submitted, without additional editing or formatting, so please proofread carefully. Research paper authors maintain the copyright to their papers and are free to submit them for publication. ISTE recommends including your own copyright statement on your research paper.

    Poster format - 2-hour, demonstration-style presentation delivered in an open, multibooth environment that enables presenters to engage their audience in more intimate one-on-one and small-group conversation. Please read Poster format details above.

  • Snapshots [+]
  • Two 30-minute micro-presentations are presented consecutively during an hour-long session that focuses on a particular instructional model, technology solution or content provider resource. Session titles have been modified to indicate the order of presentation. Each presenter/presenter group has 30 minutes to present content and will self-moderate. Please plan to attend the entire session and watch the other presentation(s) sharing your time slot/room.

  • Workshops [+]
  • Enrollment roster and email tool

    Make sure you are ready to begin when participants arrive for your workshop and that you have adequately prepared them with the prerequisite information and the equipment they will need. Use the email tool on your presenter menu to email your attendees. You can review and/or update information in prerequisite fields.

    Room monitors and ticket sales

    Registration for workshops is available only to those who have purchased the Premium registration add-on. Room monitors will arrive 30 minutes before the start of each workshop and remain through the first half-hour to collect participant tickets at the door. If space is available, they will help register drop-in attendees. Many attendees wait until they arrive at the conference to choose their workshops, so don’t feel discouraged if your numbers seem low now.

    Setup and Teardown

    Workshop presenters have a half hour prior and 15 minutes after the scheduled presentation to set up and tear down their materials.