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Sarah Jagels, Independence Non-Traditional School Center

Sarah Jagels is a 2019 graduate of Independence Nontraditional School Center in Prince William County, Virginia. In the fall, she’ll attend Northern Virginia Community College and plans to transfer to Virginia Tech. In high school, Jagels participated in theater, SALC, Mini-THON, Key Club and volleyball. Although balancing these activities with academics wasn’t easy, Jagels worked hard and planned to attend a four-year university. An outgoing kid with a love for theater, Jagels pressured herself to succeed in school to the detriment of her mental health. At 13, she was diagnosed with anxiety disorder, but she didn’t let the diagnosis set her back, continuing a rigorous course load and participating in activities -- and placing therapy on the back burner. In her junior year of high school, she realized it was time to put her mental health before everything else. Seeking a lower-stress environment, Jagels transferred from a traditional high school to Independence Nontraditional. At Independence, Jagels sought help in and out of the classroom. Through her treatment, she’s learned several stress-reducing techniques she wants to teach others.


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