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Sady Paulson, Film director, editor, presenter

Sady Paulson is a film director, editor and presenter who graduated from Full Sail University with a bachelor’s degree in digital cinematography. Paulson also has cerebral palsy. Growing up, Paulson wondered if she’d ever have a job she loved.

That changed 15 years ago when she met Mark Coppin, an Apple Distinguished Educator and owner of Prairie Assistive in Fargo, North Dakota, who introduced Paulson to the technology that has helped her access the world.

Now a self-described “nerd” and “tech junkie,” this is how she describes her relationship with technology: “Technology has been very helpful to me throughout my education and now I’m following my dreams. I love to make films about real life and the world. I enjoy being able to use my skills in the real world. I have cerebral palsy and it creates a lot of obstacles and challenges in my life, but I do not let this hold me back. My love for technology is more than just a passion; it gives me access to my world. I need help in some areas, but assistive technology enables me to communicate with my loved ones and pursue my career.”


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