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A Philly Special: Score a Technology Touchdown in Your Classroom

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Monday, June 24, 10:00–11:00 am
Location: 118B

Laura Dugan   Randi Harris   Lisa Kasilowski   Rosemarie Keough   Brenda Morrow   Laura Roberts   Mae-Hollyn Valenzuela   Charles Warfield  
When used creatively and effectively, technology can empower and support all learners. This workshop, led by local Philly fans, will focus on the best technology practices available to elementary teachers. Create learning opportunities that are active, collaborative and foster learning relationships with your students and fellow educators.

Audience: Coaches, Teachers, Technology coordinators/facilitators
Skill level: Beginner
Attendee devices: Devices required
Attendee device specification: Laptop: Chromebook, Mac, PC
Tablet: Android, iOS, Windows
Participant accounts, software and other materials: Seesaw, Adobe Pages/Video/Voice, Pic Collage, Padlet, Kahoot, Green Screen by Doink, Flipgrid, Nearpod, Classkick, Thing Link, Shadow Puppet, Socrative, Skype, Clips, iMovie, Chatterpix, Google Docs, Slides
Focus: Digital age teaching & learning
Topic: Creativity and productivity tools
Grade level: PK-5
Subject area: Language arts, Math
ISTE Standards: For Education Leaders:
Empowering Leader
  • Inspire a culture of innovation and collaboration that allows the time and space to explore and experiment with digital tools.
  • Support educators in using technology to advance learning that meets the diverse learning, cultural, and social-emotional needs of individual students.
For Educators:
  • Dedicate planning time to collaborate with colleagues to create authentic learning experiences that leverage technology.

Proposal summary

Purpose & objective

What does a day in a Digital Learning Classroom and School look like? How can teachers and administrators balance technology with other curricular requirements? How do teachers collaborate effectively with their colleagues and build a network of support and collegiality? Want to score a touchdown with technology rather than a fumble? Would you like to be the tech "quarterback" in your school who makes the most impact on student learning?  
All these questions and more will be answered and addressed. Attendees can expect to experience how the use of technology can be seamlessly integrated into the classroom through the use of new and "tried and true" apps/websites/programs. We are unique because we are all part of the same school staff ranging from pre- K through grade 5; including specialty area staff and our building principal. Through the use of examples and audience participation and interaction, those attending our session will get to observe how technology evolves and articulates throughout the grade levels. We model how we "pass" on tech tips with each other, incorporate management strategies and share our experiences as a school team. 
We will highlight some our favorite digital tools (Seesaw, Adobe Voice, Adobe Pages/Video/Voice, PicCollege, Padlet, Kahoot, Green Screen by Doink, Flipgrid, Neapod, Classkick; just to name a few). During this session, participants will join "tailor-made-tech" breakout groups based on their interests, grade level, and/or area of need. Time will be built into this session for exploration and collaboration led by our Teacher Leaders. Our goal is to provide time to try out these tech tools, and also brainstorm strategies to help each attendee incorporate them into his or her specific learning environment. Participants will leave this session with a digital toolbox filled with resources, lesson ideas, and links. Additionally, we want anyone who attends our session to expand their Personal Learning Network and continue to collaborate and create with the people they have met.


Our session will be set up similar to a typical day in an elementary classroom/school. We want our participants to see how technology "looks" when it is woven into the curriculum, daily procedures, communication with our parents and interactions among ourselves. Therefore, our session outline will be structured like a "Day in the Life...".
(5 minutes)
Participants will be greeted with an interactive task requiring them sign in using their twitter handle and or email. 

(10 minutes)
Rapid Fire - Panel Session: After a short overview introduction of the Teacher Facilitators, we will demonstrate, model, and/or facilitate our favorite digital tools.
(30 minutes)

Peer to Peer Interaction - Breakout sessions led by Teacher Facilitators will form and work together to discuss, explore and collaborate. Facilitators will share what digitals are most effective in their area of expertise. take notes during the discussion and encourage participants to connect via Twitter or other social media platform.
(10 minutes)

Small Group 
Ignite Sessions in which Breakout Group Participants share their "Take Aways from the Group" in a no more than 2 minute presentation.
(5 minutes)

A Padlet Shared Source Document (Add your favorite Technology Touchdown Tip!) with links will be shared so that all participants have all the resources from our session.
Giveaways (T-shirts; teacher supplies)

Supporting research

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person photo
Laura Dugan, Haddon Township School District
person photo
Randi Harris, Haddon Township Board of Education
person photo
Lisa Kasilowski, Haddon Township Schools
person photo
Rosemarie Keough, Haddon Township Schools
person photo
Brenda Morrow, Haddon Township Board of Education
person photo
Laura Roberts, Haddon Township Schools
person photo
Mae-Hollyn Valenzuela, Haddon Township School District
person photo
Charles Warfield, Haddon Township SD-Stoy Elementary

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