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Rockin' the Innovative Technology Tools That Support the Inclusive Classroom!

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Tuesday, June 25, 10:15–11:15 am
Location: Room 117

Dr. Peña Bedesem   Dr. Jennifer Courduff   Jean Kiekle   Dr. Dennis McElroy  
There’s a lot of buzz around the inclusive classroom and a lot of technology tools that motivate and engage all students. We will showcase our favorite assistive technology tools and facilitate an interactive discussion on using these tools for teaching and learning in the inclusive classroom.

Audience: Teachers, Teacher education/higher ed faculty, Professional developers
Skill level: Beginner
Attendee devices: Devices useful
Attendee device specification: Smartphone: Android, iOS
Laptop: Chromebook, Mac
Tablet: Android, iOS
Focus: Digital age teaching & learning
Topic: Universal design for learning/differentiated learning
Subject area: Special education
ISTE Standards: For Educators:
  • Set professional learning goals to explore and apply pedagogical approaches made possible by technology and reflect on their effectiveness.
  • Dedicate planning time to collaborate with colleagues to create authentic learning experiences that leverage technology.
  • Use collaborative tools to expand students' authentic, real-world learning experiences by engaging virtually with experts, teams and students, locally and globally.
Additional detail: ISTE author presentation

Proposal summary

Purpose & objective

This session is designed to connect teacher education program faculty with pre- and in-service teachers by fostering conversations about how to better prepare teachers to use innovative technology in the inclusive classroom.


This session will review eight innovative tools that can be easily integrated into the inclusive classroom. Each tool will be connected to one of the ISTE Standards for Students or Educators. Presenters will address the following prompts for each tool: 1) How do I use these tools for teaching, learning, or mentoring? 2) How do these tools align with pre-service teachers’ expectations about the technology they will use in their practice? 3) How can these tools be used to enhance teaching and learning for students with emotional, behavioral, physical, or learning challenges? 4) How might these tools be used with gifted students? 5) How might you use these tools to align your practice with the new ISTE Standards for Educators?

Introduction: 5 minutes (why is this important?)
Tool review: 5 minutes per tool = 40 minutes
Audience exploration time = 10 minutes
Q&A = 5 minutes

We will provide a list of tools for potential audience members ahead of time so that they download the tools prior to the presentation. We will encourage audience members to explore the tools during the session. We want this to be practical and interactive!

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Dr. Peña Bedesem, Kent State University
Dr. Jennifer Courduff, Azusa Pacific University
Jean Kiekle, University of St Thomas
Dr. Dennis McElroy, Graceland University

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