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Using VR to Engage Social Studies Learners of All Ages

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Sunday, June 23, 11:30 am–1:30 pm
Location: Posters: Level 4, Terrace Ballroom Lobby, Table 9

Caleb Bagby   Wayne Fullam   Ryne Linsley  
During this session, teachers and curriculum designers will learn how to integrate virtual reality development and exploration into social studies classes. Educators will be taught how to create VR content themselves. From the use of 360 degree cameras to the development of VR environments using tools such as Unity.

Audience: Curriculum/district specialists, Teachers
Skill level: Beginner
Attendee devices: Devices useful
Attendee device specification: Smartphone: Android, iOS
Laptop: Mac, PC
Tablet: iOS
Focus: Digital age teaching & learning
Topic: Maker activities and programs
Grade level: 6-12
Subject area: Social studies, Computer science
ISTE Standards: For Educators:
  • Use technology to create, adapt and personalize learning experiences that foster independent learning and accommodate learner differences and needs.
  • Design authentic learning activities that align with content area standards and use digital tools and resources to maximize active, deep learning.
  • Explore and apply instructional design principles to create innovative digital learning environments that engage and support learning.

Proposal summary

Purpose & objective

Teachers will be able to create their own VR environments using the software discussed.

Teachers will understand the uses of VR and VR environments in the social studies education setting.

Teachers will have confidence to lead students in the development of VR environments and in the use of VR equipment.

Teachers will use a number of VR devices, gaining knowledge of the differences, benefits, and downfalls of each.


Hands on exploration of VR devices (30-45 minutes)
Device based activity with peer to peer interaction and discussion.

Hands on exploration of VR environment creation (60-90 minutes)
Lecture, discussion, and practice with software environments. Development of skills in teams of 2-3 for reenforcement.

Exploration of environments created (45-60 minutes)
Share out and museum style exploration of creations.

Supporting research

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Caleb Bagby, McCallie School
Wayne Fullam, McCallie School
Ryne Linsley, McCallie School

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