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School Models That Foster Deeper Student Learning and Engagement

Listen and learn

Listen and learn : Lecture

Sunday, June 23, 2:30–3:30 pm
Location: 112AB

Dr. Scott McLeod  
A variety of school and classroom models enable deeper learning, greater student agency, more authentic work and rich technology infusion. From passion projects to course redesign to whole-scale school restructuring, we'll walk through these organizational models together and discuss which might be feasible options for your school.

Audience: Coaches, Teachers, Principals/head teachers
Skill level: Beginner
Attendee devices: Devices useful
Attendee device specification: Smartphone: Windows, Android, iOS
Laptop: Chromebook, Mac, PC
Tablet: Android, iOS, Windows
Participant accounts, software and other materials: An Internet-connected computing device (laptop, tablet, or smartphone) may be useful in this session
Focus: Leadership
Topic: Educational policy and leadership
Grade level: PK-12
ISTE Standards: For Administrators:
Digital Age Learning Culture
  • Ensure instructional innovation focused on continuous improvement of digital age learning.
For Coaches:
Visionary Leadership
  • Implement strategies for initiating and sustaining technology innovations and manage the change process in schools and classrooms.
For Educators:
  • Shape, advance and accelerate a shared vision for empowered learning with technology by engaging with education stakeholders.

Proposal summary

Purpose & objective

Participants will get concrete, inside looks at schools around the world that are empowering students in amazing ways and will have numerous opportunities to reflect on possibilities in their own local settings. During the session we also will discuss the research on deeper learning schools, national PBL networks, and what leaders of innovative schools do differently.


10 minutes - introduction of 'small chunks of time' experiments
10 minutes - conversation
10 minutes - classroom-level redesigns
10 minutes - conversation
10 minutes - school-level redesigns
10 minutes - conversation / wrap-up

Supporting research

Dintersmith, 2018, What School Could Be

Lichtman, 2014, #EdJourney: A Roadmap to the Future of Education

Martinez & McGrath, 2014, Deeper Learning: How Eight Innovative Public Schools Are Transforming Education in the Twenty-First Century

Schrum & Levin, 2012, Evidence-Based Strategies for Leading 21st Century Schools

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Dr. Scott McLeod, University of Colorado Denver

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