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Wednesday, June 26, 10:30–11:30 am
Location: 118C

Jaclyn Stevens  
Coaches are more than tech-fixers or enforcers — they are the unsung heroes of digital initiatives. They inspire while shepherding the development and implementation of a shared vision for the comprehensive integration of technology. Let’s break coaches out of their secret identities and embrace their superpowers in this hands-on, interactive workshop.

Audience: Coaches, Principals/head teachers, Professional developers
Skill level: Beginner
Attendee devices: Devices required
Attendee device specification: Smartphone: Windows, Android, iOS
Laptop: Chromebook, Mac, PC
Tablet: Android, iOS, Windows
Focus: Digital age teaching & learning
Topic: Communication and collaboration
Grade level: PK-12
ISTE Standards: For Coaches:
Content Knowledge and Professional Growth
  • Regularly evaluate and reflect on their professional practice and dispositions to improve and strengthen their ability to effectively model and facilitate technology-enhanced learning experiences.
Professional Development and Program Evaluation
  • Design, develop and implement technology-rich professional learning programs that model principles of adult learning and promote digital age best practices in teaching, learning and assessment.
Visionary Leadership
  • Contribute to the development, communication and implementation of a shared vision for the comprehensive use of technology to support a digital age education for all students.

Proposal summary

Purpose & objective

As educators we can all agree that while a growing number of schools and districts making the transition to technology-enabled learning, technology does not drive these initiatives - teaching and learning always need to be at the forefront. Instructional technology facilitators, media coordinators, instructional specialists, and technology-driven educators and mentoring staff that have taken the lead in implementing digital transitions in their schools and districts are the unsung heroes of these initiatives.

It is up to the instructional technology coach to champion the school culture necessary for successful digital transitions. We are the guide and the expert, but more importantly, as coaches we must be the fount of trust and support - be a true SUPERHERO.

Participants will explore and reflect on who their sidekicks are, what kryptonite the encounter, and how to make the most of their superpowers. Through the context of the 4Rs, Coaches will experience hands-on, job embedded activities they can replicate for their own stakholders and empower others' unique strengths, struggles and supports.

This workshop is designed to build, share ideas, concepts, best practices and resource to enhance professional development, practice, and add mobile and web based tools to expand one's tool box in a digitally expanding educational environment.

Activities and Collaboration will:
- Inspire learning and creativity
- Encourage the development of digital age learning experiences and assessments
- Model digital age work and learning
- Promote and model digital citizenship and responsibility
- Engage in professional growth and leadership

Foundational Resource:
Stevens, Jaclyn. "Defining Your Role as an Instructional Coach - The 4Rs". Friday Institute for Educational Innovation. 2014.

Participant feedback:
“I really enjoyed this workshop today. It was very interactive. It kept me engaged. I loved the Superhero Secret Identity Challenge! It made me stop and think about my resources. I am looking forward to going back to my staff and celebrating their successes. I do not do enough of it.”

“Great model of what PD should look like. Lots of activities that I'm going to take away and steal. “

“There are too many great take-aways to count: I love the "make & take" pd strategies... Lots of info covered... Kept moving... Maintained engagement - Thank you!”

“It was very great modeling of strategies and use of good teaching practice was abundant!”


OUTLINE & TIME [90 minutes]
The facilitator will engage in didactic exchanges to clarify the role of the Digital Learning Coach, as well as emphasize the superhero metaphor and how it applies to their work, identify, and importance of their role. [10 minutes]

Participants will work through the entire session with templated Google slide which, by the end of the session, will be turned into an interactive "comic book" of their learning and understanding.

The facilitator will set the stage with foundational coaching models and highlight TPACK, SAMR, the Three E's and Schlechty's Levels of Engagement, and how all these can be integral tools for impactful and effective coaching. [15 minutes]

Participants will participate in a collaborative communication challenge as a metaphor for working together in a digital transition/initiative through hands-on manipulatives and reflect on the exercise: answering how they can use in their own work and with multiple stakeholders. [20 minutes]

Participants will collaborate and create their SUPERHERO selves and reflect on successes, challenges, supports, best practices, and resources integral to their work and role supporting student-centered digital learning and teaching. [10 minutes]

Participants will share their creations via social media and discuss commonalities and differences while completing a digital gallery walk. [20 minutes]

Finally, participants will be guided through a synthesis and self-reflection exercise using the Knoster Model for Complex change and discuss how this same reflection process can be implemented for multiple stakeholders. Lastly, participants will collaborate on goal setting and turn their notes into an interactive book with the use of the free tool, Anyflip. [15 minutes]

Participants will leave having earned a micro-credential and further resources to support their understanding and implementation of all activities covered in this session.

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Jaclyn Stevens, Friday Institute for Ed. Innovation

Jaclyn B. Stevens is a Digital Learning Coach and Research Scholar at The William & Ida Friday Institute for Educational Innovation at North Carolina State University. As a coach, Jaclyn supports educators and leaders in adaptive student-centered approaches to provide concrete, quality, purposeful, reflective and on-the-ground personalized learning supported through technology to work towards equity for all learners. Her mantra is to adapt, not adopt - fostering digital initiatives to transform professional learning through changes in pedagogical shifts and meeting the needs of all learners to champion creativity and innovation. Follow @jaclynbstevens and learn more at

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