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Bring STEM to Your School With VEX IQ

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Explore and create : Workshop

Saturday, June 22, 8:30–11:30 am
Location: 201BC

Mary Lou Ewald   Tj Nguyen   Jennifer Spencer  
STEM learning is vital for elementary age students. VEX IQ provides teacher-created education guides and curriculum to bring robotics and coding to everyone. Code and play with physical robots as you work through engineering principals.

Audience: Coaches, Teachers, Technology coordinators/facilitators
Skill level: Beginner
Attendee devices: Devices not needed
Focus: Digital age teaching & learning
Topic: Project-, problem- and challenge-based learning
Grade level: 3-5
Subject area: STEM/STEAM, Computer science
ISTE Standards: For Students:
Innovative Designer
  • Students know and use a deliberate design process for generating ideas, testing theories, creating innovative artifacts or solving authentic problems.
For Educators:
  • Create learning opportunities that challenge students to use a design process and computational thinking to innovate and solve problems.
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Proposal summary

Purpose & objective

This workshop will focus on introducing teachers to the VEX IQ robot, programming, and engineering design. Teachers will get hands on experience with the robots as we look at building and programming the robot. We will also complete real world problems using the robots.
Attendees will begin by building a small portion of the robot to add to the already built drive base. We will then walk through programming the robot, driving the robot with remote controls and completing challenges. Participants will leave feeling confident on how to use the VEX IQ robots in their classroom.
Participants will leave the knowledge of the VEX IQ robot.
Participants will use ROBOTC for programming the VEX IQ.
Participants will know how to bring computer science into their elementary classrooms.


Introduction to VEX IQ – 10 minutes
Building the Arm to the Clawbot - 60 minutes
Using ROBOTC to program the Robot – 60 minutes
Use the VEX IQ and programming to solve the problem of carrying a cube 8 feet - 35 minutes
Q&A – 15 minutes

Supporting research

All students need to have STEM education. 
Using robotics in education leads to unexpected benefits. 
Teaching robotics to elementary students leads to students being better equipped for jobs in the future.

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Mary Lou Ewald, Auburn University
Tj Nguyen, SCORE
Jennifer Spencer, Auburn University

Jennifer Spencer is the Program Administrator III of K-6 STEM Outreach Programs for the College of Sciences and Mathematics (COSAM) at Auburn University. Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and a Master of Science in Elementary Education both from Auburn University. She has 20 years of teaching experience in public and private schools where she also coached Science Olympiad and Robotics teams. Jennifer loves to read and spend time with her family when she is not working. She also loves all kinds of technology and is always searching and learning about the newest and greatest techie toys.

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