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The U.S. Constitution, Past and Present

Engage and connect
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Engage and connect : Tours / Trips

Fee: $10

Sunday, June 23, 9:00 am–12:00 pm
Location: OffSite The National Constitution Center, 525 Arch St.

Mike Adams   Sarah Harris   Kerry Sautner  
Uncover stories of the origins and changing interpretations of the United States Constitution from the Founding Era to today. Through live theatrical performances, guided exhibition tours, and presentations led by the Center’s education team, the session will explore constitutional ideals, interpretation of rights, and classroom-ready resources to transition the on-site learning to a range of educational settings. Particular emphasis will be placed on examining the impacts of technology on constitutional understandings throughout history and especially in the digital age.


Mike Adams, National Constitution Center
Sarah Harris, National Constitution Center
Kerry Sautner, National Constitution Center

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