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Keys for Successful Blended Learning Implementation

Listen and learn

Monday, June 24, 11:30 am–12:30 pm
Location: 110AB

Luke Bilger   Michelle Harris   Dr. Fran Newberg   Dr. Jeremiah Okal-Frink   Jessica Ross  
Hosted by Dell Technologies. How do you scale a blended learning model to every school in a district? With strategic coaching and common technology integration language for principals. Join leaders from the School District of Philadelphia to explore the key areas needed for success. Take away a resource kit to help with your initiatives.

Audience: Chief technology officers/superintendents/school board members, Coaches, Professional developers
Focus: Digital age teaching & learning
Topic: Distance, online blended and flipped learning
Grade level: PK-12


Luke Bilger, The School District of Philadelphia

Luke is a Senior Project Manager in the Office of Educational Technology. In this role, he manages District-wide technology deployments and professional development. He champions the District’s efforts to increase access and equity in Computer Science and leads the Student Data Privacy Team. Prior to serving in the Office of Educational Technology, Luke taught Reading and Digital Literacy at General George G. Meade School. He also teaches at the University of the Arts Professional Institute for Educators.

Michelle Harris, School District of Philadelphia

As Director of Educational Technology, Michelle’s primary responsibility is to support and supervise all technology integration coaches in the District. She provides professional development and feedback in order for them to effectively support teachers with integrating technology in instruction at a high level. Michelle also oversees large scale professional development events that focus on digital literacy and technology integration. Michelle’s passion for coaching and professional development in order to change practice drives everything she does in her role.

Dr. Fran Newberg, School District of Philadelphia
Dr. Jeremiah Okal-Frink, Dell Technologies
Jessica Ross, The School District of Philadelphia

Jessica Q. Ross-White is the director of integrated learning for The School District of Philadelphia. One of the largest and most visible initiatives steered by Ross-White is the Blended Learning Initiative. To ensure the success and impact of this project, Ross-White coaches and develops staff responsible for implementation and uses the data from adaptive programs to focus on student growth. She also manages the development and delivery of District-wide professional development to support schools. As a career educator, student, advocate, and mentor, she believes that education and service are the pathways for changing diversity and equity in schools.

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