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Getting Lit with Adobe Spark

Listen and learn

Listen and learn : Lecture

Tuesday, June 25, 10:15–11:15 am
Location: 201A

Emily Koval  
In this session, you'll learn how a technology integration support specialist assisted a fifth grade team into transforming their social issue reading and persuasive writing units into a PSA (Public Service Announcement) using Adobe Spark Video hoping to “spark a change” in our society.

Audience: Coaches, Curriculum/district specialists, Teachers
Skill level: Beginner
Attendee devices: Devices useful
Attendee device specification: Laptop: Chromebook, Mac, PC
Tablet: Android, iOS, Windows
Participant accounts, software and other materials: Google Slides
Adobe Spark Video
Focus: Digital age teaching & learning
Topic: Online tools, apps and resources
Grade level: 3-5
Subject area: Language arts, Social studies
ISTE Standards: For Coaches:
Digital Age Learning Environments
  • Coach teachers in and model use of online and blended learning, digital content, and collaborative learning networks to support and extend student learning as well as expand opportunities and choices for online professional development for teachers and administrators.
For Students:
Creative Communicator
  • Students publish or present content that customizes the message and medium for their intended audiences.
For Educators:
  • Manage the use of technology and student learning strategies in digital platforms, virtual environments, hands-on makerspaces or in the field.

Proposal summary

Purpose & objective

To introduce how to use Adobe Spark Video to create a PSA based on the persuasive reading and writing units.

Explain how the reading & writing lessons can be broken down to support the students using Google Slides.
Describe how Adobe Spark Video could be implemented in the classrooms.
Create an Adobe Spark Video.


1. Introduce myself
2. Reading & Writing using Google Slides
3. Converting Social Issue Essay into Adobe Spark Video
4. Sharing their Adobe Spark Videos
5. Create own Adobe Spark Videos

Supporting research

Olivia Wahl Reading & Writing Units
Lucy Calkins Reading & Writing Units

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Emily Koval, BT BOCES

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