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Smart badges at ISTE19

This year, ISTE is continuing its technology with smart badges. Attendees who wear a smart badge will receive a customized “ISTE19 Journey” report shortly after the conference. The journey report will include a listing of all the sessions you attended and links to any digital resources the session offered. The badges will provide ISTE with information to bring you more of the things you love at our event for the coming years.

We’ve put together this FAQ page to offer you additional information about smart badges. If you can’t find an answer to your question or would like more information, please visit the registration desk while at the conference or email . Opting out of smart badges is easy, all you have to do is talk to the concierge and ask for a badge without smart capabilities while registering.

Q: What is a smart badge?
A: Smart badges use location-based technology to deliver check-in data. Small location tags are placed on the back of badges and readers are placed in session rooms and public spaces. Together with the smart badge, the readers deliver real-time location data that allows ISTE staff to respond appropriately to large volumes of foot traffic by, for example, bring in extra food, or resources to facilitate a specific session; it also helps attendees by letting them know where foot traffic is currently low. They’ll allow us to provide you with resources catered to your needs and provide information about your experience to support your post-event learning. Please note that readers do not collect activity outside of session rooms and public spaces where conference content is taking place.

Q: Why is ISTE using smart badges?
A: ISTE recognizes the value of personalized learning and wants to do all we can to create custom and individualized educational experiences for each of our attendees. Smart badges will allow us to provide you with your own “ISTE19 Journey” post conference. The journey will detail the sessions you attended and the resources you collected. Your smart badge is like your personal notetaker. This aggregate data, combined with registration information, will provide more comprehensive insights into attendee patterns and activities.

Q: Who is collecting this data?
A: ISTE19 is utilizing eventBit equipment and technology in the creation of our smart badges and processing of the data. All data collected through eventBit belongs to ISTE (and conforms to ISTE's privacy policies), and contractually eventBit has no rights to use or retain any of the data outside of support for ISTE’s event.

Q: Who will have access to this data?
A: Any data collected will be used by the ISTE team in the analysis of this year’s conference and the planning of future events. Individual data will not be shared beyond ISTE. We may share some aggregate data regarding trends and interesting statistics externally, including with sponsors and partners. Data shared externally will not be specific to any individual.

Q: What’s the difference between the printed QR code on my badge and the tag?
A: The QR code printed on the front of your badge provides you with a couple of pieces of functionality at ISTE19. You can let exhibitors scan your badge to collect your contact information. The name and information of the exhibitor that you allow to scan your badge will be included in your "ISTE19 Journey" email, giving you a detailed look at your time in the expo hall. Did you know that you can also let other attendees scan your badge? This will allow them to collect your contact information through the ISTE19 mobile app. Other attendees can choose to share the same information with you as you scan their unique QR code.

The tag affixed to the back of the badge uses location-based technology to deliver check-in data for ISTE sessions, posters, playgrounds, the expo hall and ISTE Central (any spaces outside of these areas is not collected by the badge).

Q: Will my name or any personally identifiable information be shared in any public reporting?
A: No. All data reporting will be based on aggregate general demographics rather than individual data. The only personal data will be shared directly with you via your “ISTE19 Journey.”

Q: Will my employer be able to obtain my journey or any of my behavior data at the conference?
A: The only person we will share individual data with is you, and you can rest assured that your information will not be shared with anyone else regardless of who paid for your registration. You are the only person who can share your individual data with others.

Q: How do I opt out?
A: Opting out is easy. If you wish to opt out of the smart badge program, please speak with someone at a registration counter and they will give you a badge without smart capabilities.

Q: What privacy policies does ISTE have in place to keep my information safe?
A: ISTE is committed to protecting the privacy of our event attendees and members. You can review our privacy policy here. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us at .