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Margret Atkinson
Margret Atkinson, Zachary Community Schools

A belief in student empowerment guides Margret Atkinson’s pedagogical focus. It’s a belief she formed by seeing the achievement and success empowered students experience during the 14 years she’s taught middle grades literature. Atkinson understands that collaboration builds the whole child and works to offer her students a local and global perspective on the difference they can make in the world. She’s the president-elect of ISTE’s Global Collaboration Professional Learning Network and works with the team to ensure that global collaboration connects as many classrooms around the world as possible. She’s also a connected educator and values the model she creates by participating in forward-thinking educator communities like Pass The Scope Edu. Two programs are at the heart of her curriculum: National History Day (NHD) and Real World Scholar’s Education Corporations. Twice named NHD’s Louisiana Teacher of the Year, she knows that allowing student voice and choice to permeate classroom boundaries furthers the learning of our future citizens. Along with visionary educator Grant Knowles, Atkinson is co-authoring an upcoming book about the power that comes from allowing students to be active participants in building their future.


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