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Take home all the creativity and learning from the 2019 Creative Constructor Lab!

Session resources

Use the program listings to access resources shared by presenters. Click on the session title link on the program to see full details and resources for each 2019 CCL session.

Resource highlights

Uncover Creative Process Playground:

Offsite adventure tips


  • Use this link to add to the collection of video responses we're hoping to compile from #ISTECCL attendees. Follow these prompts and record video responses throughout the event (especially at the end)! The prompts are:
    • In which ways did this work/project/process improve your creative mind?
    • What was the most challenging aspect of the process?
    • What advice do you have for others doing similar work?
    • If you were to do it again, what would you do differently? (How much time was spent planning, creating, giving and getting feedback, redoing work, etc.)

Extend your learning from ISTE!

  • Take an ISTE U online course on topics like Artificial Intelligence, Computational Thinking, Open Educational Resources, and more.
  • Become an ISTE Certified Educator by diving deep into the ISTE Standards and focusing on pedagogy, not tools.
  • Explore more than 80 ISTE books and other resources on the topic of your choice.