The Digital Leadership Summit is now integrated into the ISTE Conference & Expo. Join us June 28-July 1 in Anaheim to experience a curated program just for district leaders and enjoy all the benefits of ISTE20.
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Design Blocks and Horizon Chats

This event will guide you through six phases, represented by designated “Design Blocks” and complemented by facilitated “Horizon Chats.” These phases mirror a process brought forth by IDEO, a global design and innovation company, that provides the framework for a creative problem-solving toolkit. ISTE has taken this design-thinking toolkit and built it into a two-day program we’re thrilled to bring to life with each of you.

Design Blocks

During these design blocks, you’ll participate in a roundtable format and the conversation will be facilitated by peer provocateurs. These provocateurs will move between asking critical questions and building time for reflection. Below is an outline of the six phases and their associated questions that will form the topics of discussion at your roundtables. Before the conclusion of the event, you’ll showcase your ideas in table-level presentations with your peers. Arrive at this event prepared to collaborate, listen and share.

Design Phase 1: Discovery

Design Phase 2: Interpretation

Design Phase 3: Ideation

Design Phase 4: Experimentation

Design Phase 5: Evolution

Design Phase 6: Presentation

Horizon Chats

Now that you understand the framework of the event as outlined by the six design phases, here’s some more clarity on how Horizon Chats are used to leverage your problem-solving journey. After each design block, specific Horizon Chat guides will ask the entire room an important question based on the earlier discussion. You’ll then take that question back to your roundtable to discuss and map out tangible solutions you can carry forward to your districts.