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Kristen Swanson

Horizon Chat Speaker: Kristen Swanson When we're learning, we're growing. That's why Dr. Kristen Swanson builds organizations that learn. She currently serves as the Chief of Staff for Google Image Search, and her programs help hundreds of people work in concert. She’s passionate about challenging long-held assumptions and empowering teams to truly serve customers. Over the last decade, she's led transformation of all kinds: GOOGLE: When it became clear that image search would help bring learning to new populations, she collaborated with the team to operationalize new ideas. SLACK: When everyone thought that teams in high tech had to weather high turnover rates, she implemented organizational designs that maximized purpose and impact, increasing retention during 10x hypergrowth. EDCAMP: When everyone thought training had to be expensive, she built a free network of organic learning that rivaled the effectiveness and engagement of expensive consultants. In 2015, Edcamp was named one of the 10 most innovative companies in education by Fast Company. BRIGHTBYTES: When everyone thought customer retention was merely a function of price and product-market fit, she built a customer relationship network driven by thought-leadership that not only retained business but grew it by 20%. Kristen has published 3 books on learning design, and her work has been featured at TEDx, Educon, PBS Newshour, and more.

Kristen Swanson
Chief of Staff
Google Image Search