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Jeff Branson

Jeff Branson is a tinkerer. Jeff’s upbringing on a farm lead to a lifetime of exploration and learning. Jeff has gathered bodies of knowledge in mathematics, computer science, engineering, manufacturing, welding and machining, as well as educational practice. Jeff is driven by the belief that we are currently "teaching the machines to be more human" and his essential question is: " how do we impact and engage students who will become the agents of learning for our machines?" Jeff is a Field engineer at SparkFun Electronics in Boulder, Colorado. Jeff's work is centered around introducing emerging technology to classrooms across North America. Jeff travels and works with teachers, universities and nonprofits in topics including Arduino, RaspberryPi, Python, robotics, sensors, data-gathering, IoT, makerspaces and best practices for STEM learning. Jeff is currently a training partner at The National Science Foundation's Research Experience for Teachers and ITEST programs and a contributing adviser for The National Robotics Challenge. Jeff is also proud to serve on the Boy Scouts of America technical advisory board and to have been project lead developer for National Youth Science Day 2017 with the National Council of 4-H.

Jeff Branson
Field Engineer
SparkFun Electronics