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Molly McMahon

Molly McMahon is a senior director at IDEO where she leads The Teachers Guild x School Retool, a nonprofit initiative of PLUSSED+ at Riverdale Country School, incubated by IDEO. After five years of research and design at the K12 Lab at Stanford’s, School Retool merged with The Teachers Guild to build a professional learning community of educators, school leaders and teachers who design meaningful learning and belonging so that every learner – students and adults alike – thrive. As a community designer, McMahon is fascinated by how people-powered systems accelerate change and equalize access to better opportunities. She has consulted for the TED Prize and Skype Social Good, and designed the Gray Matters Capital school rating in India. Early in her career, she spent six years in Central America, first as a Peace Corps Volunteer and then scaling the Riecken Foundation’s library network across Honduras and Guatemala. McMahon holds a master’s in public administration from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), a bachelor’s from the University of Oregon, and was an Education Pioneer fellow.

Molly McMahon
Senior Director
The Teachers Guild, IDEO

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