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Kiesha Taylor, Ed.D.

Kiesha Taylor, Ed.D., is a thought leader who uses her more than 16 years of experience as an educator, administrator and consultant to identify ways to reduce and close the digital divide for students. In her current role, she leads T-Mobile’s education strategy and Project 10 Million, a $10.7 billion commitment that provides free service and free Wi-Fi hotspots to student households nationwide. As a keynote speaker and four-time author for Forbes, Taylor is an avid advocate for distance learning who works to assess the needs of schools, develop strategic technology solutions and deliver program plans that are high quality, well-supported and fiscally sound. She’s also a results-oriented sales leader who’s driven by an acute desire to connect the nation’s most vulnerable children to online educational opportunities through distance learning programs that leverage advanced communications technologies and platforms.

Kiesha Taylor, Ed.D.
Senior National Education Administrator

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