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Back To School: What We've Learned and How We're Moving Forward

We’re taking stock of the current state of education and what we’ve learned from opening schools remotely and in hybrid models. Where are leaders having success? How are they adapting to change and solving the challenge of bringing students back to school?

Monday, November 30 | 8-11 A.M. PST

Welcome and Opening Keynote

The opening session will set the stage for this exclusive week together of learning and harnessing the power of the design-thinking process. We come together in a spirit of co-designing, collaborating and working toward equity-driven technology solutions.

  • Presented by Richard Culatta, ISTE CEO


Navigating the Fallout from COVID-19: New National Priorities for Digital Learning

COVID-19 caused a nationwide disruption to schools as the pandemic forced a rapid transition to online and remote instruction. As schools conclude the first semester of the 2020-21 school year, we’ll examine the models that worked and those that fell short and hear from a panel of experts on what state leaders must prioritize when building the capacity of educators for digital learning to effectively and equitably help schools plan for the year ahead.


  • Carissa Moffat Miller, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of the Council of Chief State School Officers
  • Angélica Infante-Green, Rhode Island State Commissioner
  • Penny Schwinn, Ph.D., Tennessee Education Commissioner
  • Anna Edwards, Chief Advocacy Officer, Co-Founder, Whiteboard Advisors (moderator)


Discovery: Define Your Aspiration

Identify your system’s most pressing needs around teaching and learning, equity and technology. Reflect how implicit bias affects perspectives on what schools should be and use this knowledge to define an aspiration that articulates your vision for meaningful learning. This aspiration will be your North Star throughout your design journey.

  • Design Experiences: Memorable Learning Experience and Equity Aspiration Writing Facilitated by Larry Corio, Program Lead, The Teachers Guild x School Retool, IDEO; and Adha Mengis, Program Manager, Digital Promise

Superintendent Talk

Back To School and What We've Learned

Learn from Miami-Dade County Public Schools District and how they have returned to school with virtual and hybrid models and how they’re supporting their education community during remote learning. Hear about unexpected highlights and successes, solving for challenges, and how a pandemic can push a district to remagine what learning can look like for students.

  • Presented by Alberto Carvalho, Superintendent, Miami-Dade County Public Schools


Join the ISTE20 Live Mainstage Session

Join the mainstage session to kick off the week at ISTE20 Live!


District Innovation During a Pandemic

The pandemic has forced districts to innovate in ways they’ve never imagined, some change has come by design and some organically. Districts are also using innovative practices to support their students’ and staff’s social-emotional needs. Learn from two district leaders about how they are currently thinking about innovation and consider what changes will "stick."

Horizon Chat Voices

  • Ryan Imbriale, Executive Director, Baltimore County Public Schools
  • Steven Walts, Ed.D., Superintendent of Prince William County Schools

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