COVID-19 update: ISTE20 will now take place November 28 – December 1, 2020 COVID-19 update: ISTE20 will now take place
November 28 – December 1, 2020
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Attendee frequently asked questions

Find answers below to the most common questions about ISTE20, rescheduled to November 28-December 1, in Anaheim. If you don’t see the information you need, please contact ISTE Customer Service at 800.336.5191 or .

When is ISTE20 now being held?

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In order to protect the safety and well-being of our attendees, ISTE20 has been moved to later in the year: Saturday, November 28-Tuesday, December 1, 2020. The event will still be held at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California.

Why is ISTE20 postponed?

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ISTE’s mission has always been to help teachers and education leaders innovate and solve tough problems in education by leveraging technology. Our community of learners comes together each year to experience the best tools and resources available, and to learn from and with each other. There has never been a time where that support is more needed than now.

When it became clear that it wouldn’t be possible to host our event during our original June dates, we considered a variety of options, from converting the event to virtual, to canceling outright, to postponing to other dates (and even other cities). Each option came with pros and cons that we evaluated carefully before making a recommendation to the ISTE board, which made the final decision.

Key to our thinking about the decision was that, unlike some events, much of the content in our sessions and on the exhibit hall floor is very hands-on and simply doesn’t translate fully into a virtual format. By continuing to provide a face-to-face experience this year, we’re also responding to our community of educators who have expressed the importance of gathering in person after such an extended period of separation.

I’m registered for ISTE20 in June. How do I register for the new dates?

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Your ISTE20 registration will automatically transfer to the new 2020 dates. There’s nothing you need to do, and ISTE will be in touch with you as updates progress in the next few weeks.

I cannot make the new ISTE20 dates. What should I do about my current registration?

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We’re sorry to hear you can’t attend in November. Please contact directly and we’ll be in touch with you regarding options.

How is ISTE working to ensure our safety during the new conference dates?

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ISTE is constantly monitoring the developing information around COVID-19 and using it to inform program design. We’re in frequent contact with venue, city and county officials around resources and best practices to ensure the health and safety of all ISTE20 participants. We’ll continue sharing information as plans are solidified.

How did ISTE settle on the new dates?

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Scheduling an event the size of the ISTE Conference & Expo is very complicated. We generally have to book our event locations 10 years in advance to get the space required to host the event. Given the particularly challenging circumstances affecting us all at this time and the limited window when we felt more confident that the outbreak would be over, this was the best option available to us (and the only other available dates in Anaheim this year).

The only other options available to us were in other cities and were in December, which conflicts with end-of-year school events for our attendees. We fully expect ISTE21 and beyond will return to dates at the end of June.

Will my hotel room reservation transfer to the new 2020 dates? Can my hotel room be refunded if I’m unable to attend or need to change my existing hotel reservation?

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All hotel reservations booked for the June dates have been canceled without fees or penalties. We chose to cancel reservations rather than transfer them to ensure the most accurate bookings as we understand that the date changes may impact arrival and departure days. All attendees will be prompted to go back into the ISTE housing system to rebook their reservations. Any attendee who had a reservation in June will be given first access (via email) to book in early May. The ISTE housing site will then reopen in mid-May for first-time reservations.

Who can I contact regarding my housing reservations?

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Any attendee who previously booked a hotel room for June will receive an email with a link to rebook in early May. If you have a hotel reservation and do not receive an email by May 10, please contact . Anyone needing to make a hotel reservation for the first time will have access to do so on May 15. Keep an eye on the conference housing page for more info. Should you have additional questions or needs, please email .

Travel costs are traditionally high the week after Thanksgiving, when ISTE20 is now scheduled. Are there savings opportunities from airline or hotel partners to help mitigate those costs?

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Yes. We’ve negotiated the exact rates originally offered in June by our hotel partners in Anaheim, ensuring that the largest travel cost (for most) will be contained. In addition, the increased airline fares are generally on Sunday and Monday, and the travel pattern for ISTE20 should be Friday or Saturday (inbound) and Tuesday or Wednesday (outbound).

I already arranged my travel for June. How should I go about rebooking my flight?

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Please refer to your individual airline carrier’s policy. Many airlines have waived cancellation and change fees for flight-change requests associated with COVID-19, but you will need to check the policy of the airline you purchased your ticket from. For airline discounts and updates, please visit our travel page.

Will ISTE21 and ISTE22 move forward as planned?

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Yes. ISTE21 is still progressing as planned during our traditional June dates (June 27-30, 2021, in San Antonio); as is ISTE22 (June 26-29, 2022 in New Orleans). If you’re unable to attend the new ISTE20 dates but want to lock in the best and current rates for future events, contact for further details.

Will the new ISTE20 schedule remain the same as the June program?

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The schedule will be slightly adjusted to reflect the new date pattern, but the heart of the program will remain intact. The updated schedule will be posted with more information in early May, and the full program will relaunch in a few months.

I was accepted as a presenter at ISTE20. What are my next steps?

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The ISTE program team has reached out to all accepted presenters via email with information on the next steps related to updating the conference program schedule. If you’re an ISTE20 presenter and have questions or need updates on your presentation status, contact .

What if the COVID-19 crisis is still occuring during the rescheduled dates?

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ISTE is making every effort to understand what the environment will look like in November based upon guidance from health experts and local policymakers. We plan to be able to assemble for a robust event with additional health and safety measures in place. We’ll continue to monitor the crisis and will rely on advice from health experts to develop these plans.

Additional questions?

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