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Frequently asked questions

Below are some of the most common questions we receive from exhibitors. If you can’t find the information you need below, please contact Exhibit Management at 541.346.3537 or .

Current contracted exhibitors may log in to the Exhibitor Services Portal for the most up-to-date information on services and ordering options throughout the conference cycle.


Who attends the conference?

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The ISTE Conference & Expo attracts attendees from around the world, the majority of whom are leaders and key influencers for edtech purchases. Titles include administrators, technology coordinators, curriculum directors and library media specialists. For more detailed profiles, please visit our demographics.

For the ISTE20 Live virtual conference, we are targeting between 10,000 and 12,000 participants (not including exhibitors)

How many exhibitors are you expecting?

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We are expecting between 200-250 exhibiting companies.

Will there be opportunities for exhibitors to speak and give presentations?

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The call for proposals is closed and session proposals are no longer being accepted. Virtual exhibitors will have the exclusive opportunity to purchase a 5-minute presentation slot in the lightning round style Tools that Work showcase. There will be two showcases during ISTE20 Live, each featuring up to five exhibitors. Participating exhibitors must submit a topic description for review and approval. Visit the advertising page to learn more.

Are there discounts available for nonprofit organizations?

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The virtual package pricing structure is the same for every company, regardless of tax status or affiliation. Virtual package pricing may be found here.

Can I sell products at the conference?

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ISTE20 Live is an educational event, and the virtual expo portion of the virtual platform is a vital element of this educational process. It is permissible to post product pricing and order information as part of resources that reside on organization profiles, but order taking or pricing information cannot be shared as part of demonstrations or in any content delivery provided by the exhibitor.


Where can I find my login information to the Exhibitor Services Portal?

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If you’re a confirmed exhibitor, your login credentials were sent to you via email in your booth reservation acknowledgment. If you have trouble locating the information, please .

How can I get an invoice or a W-9 form?

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Invoices and W-9 forms are readily available in the Exhibitor Services Portal under “Accounting services.”

How can I pay my account balance? Can I pay by credit card over the phone?

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We cannot accept credit card payments over the phone. For your security, we never store credit card information. You can make a credit card payment at any time by logging in to the Exhibitor Services Portal and selecting “pay account balance.”

You may also pay by check. Make checks payable to ISTE and send to:

ISTE20 Live
Exhibit Management
1277 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403-1277

The virtual platform

What will the virtual platform look like and include?

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The ISTE20 Live virtual expo experience will include rich exhibitor profile pages that can be customized within a templated structure. Additional enhancements include a variety of interactive tools for communicating with attendees, from text chat and lead capture to videos, 1:1 meetings and small group demos depending upon your level of engagement. The virtual environment is not 3D. View virtual package entitlements here.

Can our page be completely custom/what can be customized?

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Please review the package features for virtual expo customization options including descriptions, model templates and creative specifications.

How are virtual exhibitor booths accessed by and promoted to attendees?

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There will be an expo area within the virtual conference environment where all virtual booths will be accessible via dedicated tiles featuring the exhibitor logos. The page will feature sophisticated sort and filter options to help connect attendees with exhibitors relevant to their goals and interests. The conference will promote the expo to attendees through a range of communications, messaging and planning tools central to participation in the conference. The overall structure of the virtual environment will encourage engagement in the expo experience as well through features such as gamification, “what’s happening now” feeds and dedicated expo-only time in the schedule.

How do demos work?

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The Plus package allows for 1:4 demo capacity while the Premium level will have larger group (1:9) demo capacity. Exhibitors can submit a demo schedule that will appear on their virtual booth page. Visiting attendees will have the ability to enter an active demo as capacity allows. Demos are at the company level, not the individual booth staff level. Only one demo may be offered at any one time and may only take place during core conference hours using the provided toolsets.

Virtual exhibitors at the Premium level can also feature a schedule of independently hosted activities and content taking place during off hours for which exhibitors facilitate access via the links to independently hosted content. Independently hosted content is also available as an à la carte option at the Essential and Plus levels. If this option is purchased or part of the existing package, exhibitors will be able to submit a schedule of off-hours activities, which will appear within booth profiles.

All booth demos and off-hours activities are searchable by attendees as part of the expo area of the virtual experience.

How do we schedule meetings?

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The Plus and Premium packages include a meeting schedule tool to facilitate meeting requests upon attendee initiation. Attendees can review an exhibitor’s schedule of available meetings and select a preferred time. The request will then be sent to the exhibitor and added to the attendee’s schedule. The meeting request tool can also be purchased as an á la carte virtual booth enhancement for the Essential package.

Managing virtual booths

How can I update my company name, company contact, email address, etc., for exhibit logistics purposes?

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Any changes to your company name, contacts and contact emails addresses must be submitted in an email to . Building out your virtual booth will be self-managed using backend tools that will be made available in the Exhibitor Services Portal in early November 2020. Samples for what you are building toward, along with specifications, are available on the package features page.

How do I manage and upload collateral for my virtual booth?

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Exhibitors will access backend tools for managing your virtual booth via the Exhibitor Services Portal. Those tools will become available in early November 2020. Samples for what you are building toward, along with specifications, are available on the package features page.

Can I upload other types of materials besides white papers?

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The white paper upload benefit of the virtual exhibitor packages can be used to upload various types of documents including white papers, graphic fliers, offers and other product information. Files can be no more than 3MB per upload.

Event access

How is the virtual booth staffed?

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The number of active booth staff and functions available varies by package: Essential packages can have two booth staff participating simultaneously, each with one-to-one text chat capacity; Plus and Premium packages can have three (Plus package) and five (Premium package) booth staff participating simultaneously, with the added capacity of one-to-one video chat.

Please note: Organization contacts are not automatically registered as booth staff for the event. Virtual exhibitor booth staff will be registered through the Exhibitor Services Portal in early November.

Can exhibitors attend sessions or other conference events?

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NEW! Individuals registered as exhibitor staff will now be able to participate in all conference content. In addition, a certain number of complimentary attendee conference registrations for gifting come with each package: Essential receives one attendee registration; Plus receives two attendee registrations; Premium receives four attendee registrations.

Complimentary attendee registrations will be available through the Exhibitor Services Portal in early November.

Is there a discounted attendee registration fee for exhibitors after the allotted complimentary registrations are exhausted?

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No. Additional attendee registrations can be purchased at the published rates through attendee channels.

Lead capture and analytics

Is the lead information that we would get only from those who check out our page, or does it include all of the people who register for the event?

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Leads will be captured for attendees who interact with your virtual exhibitor booth and actively opt in to providing their contact information—a complete attendee list is not included with exhibitor participation. We understand the significant importance of lead capture for our industry partners and will support the importance of this with our event design, including ways to incentivize participation during the attendee onboarding process.

Will downloading or watching exhibitor-provided resources prompt lead capture?

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In all cases, lead capture will be an active attendee opt-in model, however, we are creating multiple ways to prompt lead capture through different types of interaction with virtual booths and resources.

Will exhibitors receive analytics for attendee activity in our virtual booth?

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A set of aggregated analytics will be shared with exhibitors. Analytics will not contain the same personalized attendee information as leads given that, in all cases, lead capture will be an active attendee opt-in process.