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ISTE20 Live People's Choice

Educational Duct Tape Panel

Format: Panel

Topic: Online tools, apps & resources

Subject Area: Not applicable

Grade Level: PK-12

Description: On the #EduDuctTape Podcast, we believe that educational technologies are at their best when they are not the goal of the lesson but a tool used to solve problems, meet goals or address learning standards. In this panel, we'll help attendees identify the tools for their problems, goals or standards!

Outline: 1. Jake will welcome attendees and provide instructions for submitting & upvoting questions for the panel. - 5 minutes 2. While attendees submit questions and upvote ones that they'd like to hear answers to, Jake will introduce the panel members. - 5 minutes 3. As the voting wraps up, Jake will play a brief, fun game of "Which of the Following Would Be Less Torturous" (Would You Rather) with the panel, just like on the podcast. - 5 minutes 4. Jake will ask the panel questions from the audience, allowing 5-10 minutes per question. - 40 minutes 5. Wrap-up & Conclusion - 5 minutes

Diversity, equity and inclusion: Educators with a wide range of experiences, diverse backgrounds and perspectives will be invited to participate in the panel. Questions relating to diversity, equity and inclusion will also be welcomed.

Presenter(s): Jake Miller along with Jen Giffen, Dr. Sarah Thomas, Marcia Kish, Jon Corippo, Sean Fahey, Brian Romero Smith and, possibly, other previous guests from the Educational Duct Tape Podcast as panel members.

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