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Virtual Presenter FAQs

Resources for all virtual presenters

  • Presenter guide
  • Presenter training materials
  • Time zone [+]
  • Session times are listed in Pacific Time.

  • Recording of your presentation [+]
  • All sessions except posters will be recorded, so in order to participate in ISTE20 Live, all presenters must agree to being recorded. Please note that recordings will be online for 6 months behind a password-protected login for conference attendees, and attendees will not have the ability to download sessions.

    The submitter of student presentations is responsible for obtaining permission for each student to be recorded.

  • Edits to your session [+]
  • By August 12.

    From your presenter menu, click on the title of the proposal you want to edit and scroll to the appropriate page. Click the link to the right that reads "View/edit this section.

  • Registration for adult presenters [+]
  • All adult presenters must register to attend the conference.

    By using the email address associated with your ISTE20 Live presenter record when you register, you'll receive the discounted presenter rate of $115 until October 1 and $150 after October 1.

    This deeper registration discount is ISTE's way of showing its appreciation for all presenters do to shape and support the conference.

    If you were already registered for ISTE20 in Anaheim, you will receive an email with options on how to use your previous registration fee.

  • Adding/removing presenters [+]
  • Please add presenter(s) to your session proposal by logging in to your presenter menu. Click on the title of the proposal you want to edit and scroll to the bottom of the page to the "Presenter" section. Click the link to the right that reads "View/edit this section."

    There is a limit of four presenters for all formats except panels. The limit for panels is eight presenters. There is a limit of five student presenters for all formats. ISTE values diversity in perspective, opinion and representation, and the most interesting sessions are ones that offer many different perspectives.

    Co-presenters will be able to view your proposal on their presenter menu, but will not be able to make edits.

  • Digital tote and handouts/resources or research papers [+]
  • ISTE has created a digital tote that allows conference attendees to collect important materials from sessions or exhibits they may want to reference later. Please upload any materials or URLs that may be used or referenced in your session so participants and those unable to attend the conference can benefit from your resources or contact you. Please consider resources that are accessible on screen readers. If you provided a presentation website with your session submission, it's automatically added as one of your session resources. You may edit or remove items as needed at any time through the digital tote on your presenter menu.

    Handouts/resources may be uploaded as URLs or files before, during and after the conference.

    Guidelines for formatting and submitting your research paper are available below under "Format-specific session information, research papers."

  • Accessibility tips [+]
  • Please consider accessibility! With ISTE20 going virtual we’re able to expand our audience to an even more diverse group of attendees and we want to ensure all can enjoy the experience. Please review these accessibility tips for presenters.

  • Evaluations [+]
  • Details available soon.

  • Virtual spaces [+]
  • Sessions

    Virtual room capacities will mostly not be limited to allow for attendees to interact with their preferred content. Creation Labs will have a smaller capacity to allow for the hands-on and interactive nature of that content. Should a room reach capacity ISTE may choose to stream a feed of that session to allow for greater access.

    Poster presentations

    Poster content will be available throughout the conference in an interactive virtual format with scheduled one-hour live opportunities to engage through chat or video with poster presenters and other attendees.

    Platform access

    ISTE will be offering live trainings on the virtual platforms used to host ISTE20 and will make the recordings available for reference or those that cannot attend.

    Session presenters should arrive to their virtual room 15 minutes prior to the session start. A session moderator will be in the room to answer questions and assist with platform needs.

  • Presentation computer or device [+]
  • ISTE is not providing equipment for presenters. Presenters must provide their own computer, internet connectivity, lighting, microphones, etc.

  • Connect your session to exhibitors [+]
  • Presenters and exhibitors have the opportunity to link their sessions with online exhibit listings, making sessions easier to find. Please help us create a holistic learning environment that enriches the attendee experience while supporting your goals and those of our corporate partners. Establish connections with exhibitors whose products and services are an integral part of your session content on your presenter menu. Click on the link to "Connect your session to exhibitors with related products and services" to search for exhibitors by company name and product category, or confirm requests from exhibitors to connect to your session. You can connect up to 10 exhibitors to your session.

  • Certificate of Presenting and presenter survey [+]
  • Details available in November.

  • Influencer Disclosure [+]
  • A recent Federal Trade Commission (FTC) ruling requires that anyone who endorses a product through social media or presentations, should make the relationship with the brand (“material connection”) obvious. A “material connection” to the brand includes a personal, family, or employment relationship or a financial relationship, such as the brand directly paying fees, covering travel, or providing free or discounted products or services.

    Disclosure of these kinds of relationships at ISTE20 Live is important because it helps keep recommendations honest and truthful, and it allows people to weigh the value of presenter endorsements.

    As an influencer, it’s your responsibility to make these disclosures, to be familiar with the Endorsement Guides and to comply with laws against deceptive ads.

    All ISTE20 Live presenters will be asked to disclose relevant details by November 1, 2020, including the company/companies and relationship(s)/compensation or indicate that they do not have a material connection to disclose. Please be sure that any presenters on your session are aware of this reporting. The disclosure form is located on the sidebar of your presenter menu.

K-12 student presenter information

  • Presenting with K-12 student presenters [+]
  • There is a limit of five student presenters per session.

    The submitter is responsible for obtaining permission for each student to be recorded.

    As the submitter/lead adult presenter for a student presentation, you're eligible to receive a nontransferable complimentary registration as long as you bring a K-12 student. Students must be with an adult at all times.

    The student(s) must be listed on your session record prior to activating your complimentary registration. To activate it, register using the same email address as you've used for your session. You can click the registration link from your account to access the registration form.

Format-specific session information

  • Lectures/Panels/Interactive lectures [+]
  • Lectures are 45 minutes long presentations with one or more presenters addressing an audience.

    Panels are 45 minutes long presentations with a designated moderator facilitating a discussion among two or more panelists on a particular topic.

    Interactive sessions are 45 minutes long featuring audience participation and interaction with the presenter(s) during the session, such as collaborating on a document, creating a collaborative document or participating in a presenter-led backchannel, poll or other activity.

  • Creation labs [+]
  • 50- or 90-minute session focused on exploring new resources, developing new skills or creating through extensive hands-on activities using participant's own device.

  • Playgrounds [+]
  • 90-minute immersive, multi-room experiences that touch on programs, platforms, and tools related to a central topic.

  • Posters [+]
  • Poster content will be available to view throughout the conference in an interactive virtual format. Submitters will be able to build a virtual poster with rich content with which attendees can engage at any time. Through your presenter menu, poster presenters are able to upload items such as pdfs, website links, images, and videos combined with text. The tool will also allow submitters to preview content before the poster is live on our conference platform. In addition, presenters will have a scheduled one-hour live session where attendees can drop-in to learn more about your poster and engage more deeply with the content. The one-hour live session will not be recorded.

    Download a sample poster.

  • Research papers [+]
  • Lecture presentation: Two or three papers presented consecutively within 45 minutes in a lecture setting. Therefore, you'll have approximately 15 minutes or 22 minutes to present, depending on the number of papers scheduled during the 45-minute time slot. Please plan to attend the entire session and watch the other presentation(s) sharing your time slot.

    Typically, lecture presentations use PowerPoints to convey the results of their studies but you can be creative in how you present your study. Please upload your files to the digital tote on your presenter menu.

    Roundtable format - Presentations with similar research topics will be presented together in same 45 minute session similar to the face-to-face format. More details to come.

    Research paper guidelines
    As a condition of acceptance, please upload your full research paper in PDF format by October 31 via your presenter menu. Research papers should adhere to the following requirements:

    • Target length: 3,200-4,800 words.
    • Include main presenter's name and contact information after the title and before all co-authors.
    • Include three to seven keywords and bibliographic references.

    Research papers will be posted as submitted, without additional editing or formatting, so please proofread carefully. Research paper authors maintain the copyright to their papers and are free to submit them for publication. ISTE recommends including your own copyright statement on your research paper.

  • Snapshots [+]
  • Two 20-minute micro-presentations are presented consecutively that focuses on a particular instructional model, technology solution or content provider resource. Each presenter/presenter group has 15 minutes to present content and will self-moderate. Please plan to attend the entire 45-minute session and watch the other presentation sharing your time slot/room. There will be a 5-minute Q&A.

  • Multipresentations [+]
  • ISTE Ignite - Presenters have five minutes to speak about their professional passions using 20 images. Each slide is displayed for 15 seconds, and slides are automatically advanced. The presentations are meant to fire up the audience by generating awareness and stimulating thought and action.

    Presenters must sign Model and Written Materials Release form on your presenter menu and agree to be videoed by Sept 30.
    Speak about your professional passion; fire up the audience by generating awareness and stimulating thought and action.
    Present your idea in five minutes on 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds. This format is strictly followed.
    No sales pitches.
    Slides with presentation notes, unusual fonts, transitions or animations will not be accepted.
    Slides must be submitted in 16:9 format.
    Presenters are expected to attend rehearsal in early November. Rehearsal dates will be emailed for RSVP. Please have your slide presentation ready for rehearsal.

    Download the template for PowerPoint or Keynote. Please be sure to use the template that has been set with auto-advancing and the correct number of slides.

    Lightning talks - These eight to 10-minute inspirational talks about educational focus on knowledge, learning and evidence-based practices that work. Presenters will share stories, concepts and ideas on important issues that impact teaching and learning.

    The format is wide open with no restrictions on slides, videos or timing, other than the time limit.

    Presenters must sign Model and Written Materials Release form on your presenter menu and agree to be videoed by Sept 30.
    The format of the presentation is wide open (e.g. video or slides), but should be provided in one file and/or embedded in a presentation format.
    No sales pitches.
    Slides must be submitted in 16:9 format.
    Presenters are expected to attend rehearsal in early November. Rehearsal dates will be emailed for RSVP. Please have your slide presentation ready for rehearsal.

    Download the template for PowerPoint or Keynote.