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Brandie Wright, Newport News Public Schools
ISTE affiliate: VSTE

2020 has been the year of #TheREALCareerUpgrade for Brandie Wright. With over 22 years in the technology industry, Wright left her thriving career as a district technology coordinator to become a middle school teacher. Her passion for learning and natural risk-taking mindset during the pandemic created a perfect storm of opportunity to model for students how to harness your superpower. Wright has gained an expert understanding of dynamic learning and transformation. She’s committed to discovery, process improvement and innovation. As an inquisitive, persistent and innovative educator, Wright strives to connect others with the skills, information and resources required to achieve their personal and professional developmental goals. Building relationships and making connections is at the core of her work. All of these qualities are now being refined by the fire of virtual learning, middle school mayhem and professional growth overload. While at Newport News Public Schools, in partnership with other district personnel, Wright created and facilitated training events for district technology coaches, secretaries, food service staff and custodians. She has worked extensively with career and technical education teachers and specialists to craft authentic internship programs to support student career readiness. She recently worked with student tech leaders at a STEM-focused magnet high school to refurbish computers for their local community. She’s passionate about amplifying the voices of female educators and educators of color in the edtech field, and developing her portfolio and collaborating with leaders and experienced change-makers.


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